International Women's Day 2016


These #5 Women Bikers Are Shattering Gender Stereotypes

On the occasion of International Women's Day 2016, let's take a look at top five thrill - seeking women, who are discovering their passion in riding motorbikes.

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Women Entrepreneurs Hardly Have Role Models and Mentors

Getting funds easily is a very big challenge for women entrepreneurs. Primarily because they aren't taken seriously!


Women Entrepreneurs Talk About Sexism In The Startup Sphere

We asked them if sexism exists in the startup world.

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Girls in Tech Offer Basics Boot camp To Its Global Entrepreneurs in Hyderabad

By utilizing the power of technology Girls in Tech are bringing women together to shape their future and democratize the world

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Reclaiming Life's Colors

Breaking one of the biggest taboos in Indian society – Hindu widows celebrating the festival of colors, Holi


Why Women In India Want To Work At Startups

Flexibility, growth opportunities and the feeling of ownership lures women to start-ups

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Today Is International Women's Day. What Are You Doing to Support Women Worldwide?

Meet Habiba Ali, a Nigerian entrepreneur bringing renewable energy solutions to her native land.


An Economic Thinker With A Giving Soul, Priya Naik

A conversation with the CEO and founder of Samhita, Priya Naik.


7 Powerful Quotes on Women Entrepreneurship. Be inspired

Read these quotes to get inspired.

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News Round-Up about Women Empowerment

Some news about women empowerment


Celebrating the 'She' in Shepreneurs

Some amazing facts about womenpreneurs.


Why More Women Prefer Healthcare As Their Desired Job Industry

Healthtech expert Anu Acharya shares why healthcare industry is a popular choice among women entrepreneurs


#PledgeForParity, Here And Now

Until women are recognized for who they are as a person


Every Woman Deserves To Feel And Look Good, Says Nidhi Agarwal, KAARYAH's Founder & CEO

KAARYAH offers clothes of various sizes and shapes that flatters every woman


Who Inspires You: Women In Business Tell You Their Story

Four women entrepreneurs and businesswomen in different stages of their career tell all.