Women Entrepreneurs Hardly Have Role Models and Mentors Getting funds easily is a very big challenge for women entrepreneurs. Primarily because they aren't taken seriously!

By Smita Parikh

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Women entrepreneurship is not an alien word now-a-days. Today's women have not left any stones unturned and they have entered into the most difficult territories also as entrepreneurs. But, the journey is never easy. They have to tackle undesirable pressures, fight gender discrimination and battle through problems to achieve success. But women never give up and that is their strength.

Building a strong network and connections

Women entrepreneurs sometimes fail to understand the importance of networking, which men naturally develop. They might have their own reasons for not developing connections, although it's still the most important element for a woman entrepreneur to facilitate growth.

Lack of role models and mentors

Women entrepreneurs hardly have role models and mentors. The biggest challenge while developing a business is to get the right guidance from the right advisor. Not every woman entrepreneur gets a good adviser who can help her during difficult decisions like financial, risk taking, diversification etc. A mentor can help her focus in the right direction.

Lack of funds

Getting funds easily is a very big challenge for women entrepreneurs. Primarily because they aren't taken seriously, and this is the major reason why they fail to get the required funding at the right time for their business.

Undesired guilt

The other important element which every woman faces is multi-tasking between home and business/ family and finances. She develops this strange guilt due to her inability to give required time to the family and that's an unnecessary pressure on every woman entrepreneur. It's time that families come ahead and support their cause.

Constant pressure to succeed

Another very important factor which always bothers women entrepreneurs is that they are constantly under the pressure to succeed, which is not healthy for any business to begin with. It's not that all men who become entrepreneurs succeed during first few years, but people have patience and understanding with them, while at the other hand women face too much criticism for their failure and also pressure to wind up. It's important that women trust their instincts and give themselves time.

Challenges will always be there, but this is definitely the best time for women to explore their ideas and turn them into reality. Women are known to be strong mentally and this is the strength they need to play on. Believe in yourself, your idea, plan and execute well…everything else will fall into place.

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Smita Parikh

Hindi Literature Protagonist.

Smita Parikh is a Hindi literature protagonist. In a world so obsessed with English literature, she is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration for women who want to pursue Hindi literature.


An absolute self-made women, Smita is an RJ, an actor and a writer. She started Lit O Fest in Mumbai three years ago, which gives equal opportunities to new and old writers, poets and lyricists to showcase and grow. Lit O Fest as a platform also believes in giving back to the society and this year they adopted Dahigaon village in the Shahpur district in Maharashtra.  She is also the Managing Director and CEO of E Bizz Entertainment company.

Smita has won many prestigious awards for writing, such as the Rajasthan Sahitya Academy, best story at the age of 15, Maharana Mewar Foundation award for poetry writing, and the Malwa Samman. She has published her poetry collection named "Main Panth Niharu". Her collections of "Nazms"- Nazmein Intezar Ki was published by Vani Prakashan. Soon she'll be publishing her first fiction short novel awarded by the Sahitya Academy.

Having said this, she is not the stereotypical Hindi literature proponent who abhors English, she is suave and know the difference between a shrimp fork and a dessert fork. 

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