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Landed Your Dream Job? Here's How to Master the Art of Job Offer Negotiations

Congratulations! You landed the job after a grueling interview process. Typically, a new job is a cause for celebration. But, it can also be stressful considering salary, benefits and more.

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ChatGPT Will Be a Co-Worker And Will Not Replace Jobs: TCS CHRO

Milind Lakkad said that generative AI is a good thing to happen for the future, but I think it will be collaboration rather than replacement

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Employees With Advanced Digital Skills Contribute $507.9 Billion To India's GDP: AWS Report

The workers' digital caliber reported 92% higher salaries compared to those with a similar education who do not use digital skills at work

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GetWork Raises INR 7 Crore In Pre-Series A Funding

The fund raised will get utilized to onboard more than 2,500 colleges and over 12,000 employers, explore overseas markets and expand the GetWork Club

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Challenges and Opportunities for Building a Profitable E-commerce Brand in India

Despite funding, a majority of e-retailers have only earned a chunk of customers and focused more on retaining repeat buyers rather than widening their base

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Why Millennials Change Jobs So Often

With younger candidates feeling more confident enough to ditch interviews, the onus is on employers to retain their workers

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How Lawyers Can Stay Relevant in the Automated World

Robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are significantly affecting the legal profession

Growth Strategies

What Challenges India the Most? - Unskilled Candidates Vs Unemployed Workforce

While industries are being automated at lightning-fast speeds, this technological intervention is not taking the limelight away from other in-demand skills

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What Makes Singapore the Hottest Startup Destination?

Despite its small size, it has the highest number of tech incubators in the Southeast Asia region as well


How Start-ups in The Corporate Ecosystem Could help bridge the Skill Gap in Today's Workforce

Here's How Start-ups are Producing Skilled Labourforce


Make an Informed Decision About a Career Switch With Internships

One can pursue multiple internships in various fields to get a perspective on diverse professions and experiment your way to find your true calling


Trends in the Vegan Beauty Industry

The demand for ethical and sustainable living is only expected to rise in the coming times and hence grows the vegan beauty industry