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Put Your Kids on the High Achievement Path with This Online School

An after-school program that can help set your kids up for success.


Get Your Kids into Coding for $10

Teach your kids coding with this online academy.

Science & Technology

Teach Your Kids Robotics with This Mini Robot Arm Education Kit

Help your kids develop good habits and learn valuable skills.

Science & Technology

Introduce Kids to the Tech Concepts of Tomorrow, Today

Here's how to make STEM learning fun for your kids.

Thought Leaders

Vagina Superhero 'My Little Yoni' Is Here to Make Early Sex Ed Easier

Sexual wellness entrepreneur Ariel Saint White created 'My Little Yoni' books and toys to lighten up and guide sexual ed conversations for younger kids.

Thought Leaders

These STEM Kits Help Kids Explore Tech Entrepreneurship at a Young Age

Feed the mind of your entrepreneur in the making.


Kids Entrepreneurship Is Not Just a Fancy Notion, It's Process-Driven

Inculcating entrepreneurial skills right from childhood aptly grooms the kids to go after their dreams and be successful in their respective careers

Science & Technology

Losing the Battle Against Your Kids' Screens? Try a Family "Rewirement Plan."

The San Diego-based Screen Time Clinic offers parents customized coaching on how to curb their kids' technology usage.

Personal Finance

The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs -- or 'Generation Debt'?

What should you be teaching your kids about personal finance?

News and Trends

What is Television Teaching Your Child?

The Kids'TV genre is populated by animation - largely violent, male-skewed, promoting stereotypes, dominated by the superheroes culture

Thought Leaders

6 Important Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Even if your kids don't become entrepreneurs, having an entrepreneurial mindset can take them far in life.


Increasing Student Engagement with Online Learning Platforms

There's a new approach to an old problem


"We Got Rejected By Apple Eight Times"

They ended up being the number one kids app in more than half a dozen countries


Are Digital Gadgets Good For Your Children?

Technology - a good friend and a bad foe.


Let Your Kids Use Your Phone As Much As They Want

Exploring the devices give them immense satisfaction and sense of learning out of their curiosity.