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These STEM Kits Help Kids Explore Tech Entrepreneurship at a Young Age

Feed the mind of your entrepreneur in the making.

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School is tough these days. Teachers are overburdened by teaching giant classes of kids virtually, with none of the usual resources they usually use to actually keep kids present and engaged in their work. Parents are overburdened by kids at home needing constant supervision. Ultimately, most kids just aren't self-motivated enough to succeed in virtual school. As such, it's up to parents to get a little more involved and creative.

Push your smart kid towards an interest in STEM by turning playtime into educational time. We've rounded up a few STEM kits on the market that will capture kids' imaginations and might just push them towards a career in tech entrepreneurship.

The Best Seller Bundle: Robotic & Coding Kits

Winner of the Bett Awards 2020 and a Silver Winner at the Play for Change Awards 2020, this dual kit is designed for kids ages 5 to 12. The Robotic Kit is a LEGO-compatible STEM toy that helps kids develop their natural creativity with design and technology. The Coding Kit is a creative toy that teaches computer programming basics so kids can actually control the robots they build.

Get The Best Seller Bundle for $77.99 (Reg. $114), a savings of 32 percent.

The STEM Starter Bundle: Robotic & Curiosity Kits

Start building your kids' analytical skills with this STEM Starter Bundle, suitable for kids ages 5 to 12. The bundle includes the Curiosity Kit, which will teach kids problem-solving and analytical skills for real-world issues. The Robotic Kit, on the other hand, is a toy with purpose, helping kids to learn design and technology skills.

Get The STEM Starter Bundle for $79.99 (Reg. $119), a savings of 33 percent.

Introduction to Coding Bundle: Curiosity & Coding Kits

Introduce kids to real-world technology skills with this bundle designed for kids ages 7 to 12. The Curiosity Kit is a STEM starter kit that teaches kids problem-solving skills and the analytical perspective that they'll need to face technological issues of the 21st century. The Coding Kit teaches kids computer programming by letting them build and control robots using electronic building blocks and craft materials.

Get the Introduction to Coding Bundle for $94.99 (Reg. $144), a savings of 34 percent.

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