Growing a Business

You Made a Bad Hire — Now What? Here Are 3 Self-Reflective Practices Leaders Should Take to Overcome and Grow.

Hiring is hard. Sometimes we get it wrong — which can be a tough pill to swallow. But it also presents an opportunity for us to self-reflect and grow.

Making a Change

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A 40-Year Veteran of the Entertainment and Events Industries Shares 3 Pillars of Success

President and CEO of Empire Entertainment and Emmy Award-winning executive producer J. B. Miller on the key concepts that have sustained both his personal and professional growth.


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Employee Experience & Recruiting

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21 Productive Things to Do During Your Commute

How to use this frustrating "wasted time" to get smarter, more focused and re-energized.


If Your Leadership Style Is Ever Judged By Others, Here's 8 Things You Should Do

How to short-circuit defensiveness and resentment and instead accept and apply tough input for the betterment of your company, and yourself.

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Why Pay for Information When You Can Find It for Free on the Internet? Here Are 3 Good Reasons.

Here are three lessons I learned from buying into a high-ticket community and why I believe paying for information is worth it.

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How Do You Keep Learning When You're the Boss?

It's be helpful to create an unofficial "board" of advisors who you can consult with, and feel less alone.