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News and Trends

The Sleep Simplifier

Kabir Siddiq discusses how he entered the mattress business and the way forward for his startup, SleepyCat.

News and Trends

The Mattress Makers

The Salots started The Sleep Company with a clear vision: to make sleep better


Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online

There's no one type of mattress that's naturally superior to others. It's all about you and how you sleep. Today I've broken down the top mattresses you can buy online.


Keep Your Cool on the Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Losing sleep over summer heat? Don't sweat it. Get one of the best cooling mattresses while they're on sale.

Starting a Business

The Entrepreneur Who Makes Sleep Work For Everyone Around

This entrepreneur wasn't sleeping over an idea. He knew the importance of the best mattress for a good night's sleep. Read more to know how his startup became the solution for sleepless nights.


8 of the Best Mattresses for Sleep-Deprived Entrepreneurs

Investing in better sleep starts with a higher quality mattress.


The Best Mattresses of 2020

I personally slept a minimum of seven days on more than 30 mattresses. Here were my favorites.

Growth Strategies

Scaling Up Continuously, This Founder Ensured His Start-up Remained Profitable Since Inception

Ankit Garg of Wakefit says he values the core principles of business to not burn cash, a lesson he learnt from his previous failure

Business News

These Mattress Startups Want To Ensure 26 Years of Your Life Are Comfortable

Startups selling mattresses are reducing selling prices by eliminating or significantly reducing shop retail. These new-age companies are betting on technology and superior quality with competitive pricing to make a mark for themselves

Growing a Business

Here's Why This Bedding Company Expanded Into the Hyper-Competitive World of Online Mattresses (Podcast)

Boll & Branch's married co-founders, Scott and Missy Tannen, didn't pay attention to the naysayers.

Growth Strategies

How This Entrepreneur reshaped Our Sleep

When delivery became a challenge, this entrepreneur looked inside the box for solution!


How One Internet Company Is Changing the Way We Sleep

Much like the razor industry, ride sharing and vacation rentals before it, the mattress industry has changed.