Eyestem Raises $6.4 Million In Series A Funding Round

The company's vision is to develop a scalable cell therapy platform to treat incurable diseases and democratize access to these newer technologies globally

Teena Jose

KNYA Med Raises Seed Funding

The fund raised will be used for product R&D, hiring across the company as well as for branding and marketing

Teena Jose

Making the Move from Medicine to Entrepreneurship

Medical professionals have a great deal to offer the business world, but what does it take to make the jump from scrubs to suits?

Morris Panner

Intuitive Surgical is an Intuitive Buy

Robotic surgery systems solutions provider Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: IRSG) stock is down (-37.5%) on the year as benchmark indices slide.

Jea Yu

HCA Healthcare Stock is Ready to Climb Higher

Hospital and healthcare facilities operator HCA Healthcare (NYSE: HCA) stock has been performing relatively strong compared to the benchmark indices during this bearish market sell-off.

Jea Yu

Jio Health Raises $20 Million In Series B

Funds will be utilized to expand its smart clinics and omnichannel ecosystem across its primary market of Vietnam and in newer geographies and further advance technology platform innovation

Areas in Medtech That Need Innovative Entrepreneurs

Post-pandemic, innovation will accelerate and open new opportunities.

Pritom Das

Startup Spotlight: Seoul-Based Medtech Startup DC Medical Is Bringing Innovative Patented Medical Technologies To The Middle East

While there are four technologies the DC Medical team is working on, it is the preterm birth diagnostic device called EveryBaby that it is largely focused on at the moment.

Why this Canadian-Israeli Stock Grew 121% This Year

Innocan Pharma operates three primary and distinct segments: research and development (R&D) of CBD-loaded exosomes, R&D of the use of CBD-loaded liposomes, and commercialization and sale of branded CBD-integrated pharmaceutical and topical treatment products

Josh Horowitz

This Drinkable Medication Could Improve Surgical Infection Rates in Hospitals

Covira Surgical's new approach to post-op infection care could help solve a $34 billion-per-year problem, and they're looking for investors.


Pfizer Deal Lets Outside Companies Make Drugmaker's COVID-19 Pill

The deal lets manufacturers in certain countries produce the pill, provided they don't try to sell it in a certain set of other nations.

The Epoch Times

6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Solve the Problem of Medical Debt

Healthcare companies that address this issue head-on will be the leaders of the industry in the future.