Meet The Owner And CEO Of This Dubai Based Pharmaceutical And Medical Equipment Trading Firm Vicky Ramancha is an entrepreneur and a businessman, he has been running private family offices in Mumbai, India for over a decade.

By Nishikanth Samarth

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Vicky Ramancha

Vicky Ramancha is an entrepreneur and a businessman, he has been running private family offices in Mumbai, India for over a decade. Vicky has invested into dozens of companies locally in India and internationally including manufacturing businesses, technology, and various production businesses. Before the COVID hit the world in late 2019, Vicky Ramancha had exited several businesses with strong returns that were based in Asia Pacific and China. During the pandemic Vicky Ramancha restructured his strategy and started to invest heavily into pharmaceutical and medical equipment businesses.

In 2020 Q4, Vicky Ramancha joined RNR companies based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a passive investor. RNR at a time focused on medical equipment trading and because of the COVID pandemic the business has grown a lot. Vicky always had a strong intuition about what is a good business to invest in. During his career when investing in Indian and foreign Chinese and other Asian companies, Vicky had learned and experienced a lot from the industry, and this experience of investing into foreign private equity has taught him lessons that are very valuable today and that have built Vicky Ramancha today to the level where he is now.

Vicky Ramancha has been a passive investor in the RNR companies for a couple of years and just earlier this year in the first quarter of 2023, Vicky took over all RNR businesses as the new Chief Executive Officer. Vicky has bought out all the partners from the company and became the owner of RNR.

Since the beginning of his career while managing family offices in India, he knew that one day from all the companies that he would invest in, he will choose one business and acquire it and lead it to a greater success.

Today, Vicky Ramancha leads RNR companies and has already expanded the business to the US as well. Vicky sees a huge growth in the medical business including pharmaceutical and medical equipment as medicine and health is something that will always be required to maintain. Health and healthcare is the absolute heart of life and without it other businesses cannot operate. Just after becoming the CEO of RNR companies, Vicky has rebranded RNR pharmaceutical and medical trading business into a healthcare brand called RNR Healthcare.

Vicky sees a huge potential for the company's growth in international markets as RNR Healthcare currently is partnered up with global leading manufacturers in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and also leading pharma supply chain groups in China, Asia Pacific and India.

Vicky Ramancha says that "there are no limits in the healthcare business industry as my only vision and focus is to create one of the strongest pharma trading companies in the world by 2030".

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