Alphabet and GlaxoSmithKline to Collaborate on Bioelectronic Research

The companies hope to solve medical problems by fusing biology and technology.

Theranos CEO Faces Critics, Presents New Product Plans

Those technologies included a new 'minilab' product that can run a broad range of tests on a single desktop machine.
Ice Bucket Challenge

The Internet's Ice Bucket Challenge Credited With Funding a Medical Discovery

The donations triggered by those viral videos apparently helped discover a gene associated with ALS.

New Crop of Robots to Vie for Space in the Operating Room

Within five years, one in three U.S. surgeries is expected to be performed with robotic systems, with surgeons sitting at computer consoles guiding mechanical arms.

New App Lets Public Help Map Disasters, Conflicts and Outbreaks

Using the latest in mobile gaming technology, MapSwipe lets users map remote, rural regions vulnerable to humanitarian crises.
Mergers and Acquisitions

Abbott to Buy St. Jude for $25 Billion to Boost Heart Devices

The company said St. Jude's devices for heart failure, blockages and abnormal heart rhythm complement its range of heart products.

Stress and the Entrepreneur

Learning how to cope with the inevitable stress of entrepreneurship is essential for the health for you and your business.

U.S. Regulators Aim to Ban Founder of Blood-Testing Firm Theranos

Government says the company failed to fix deficiencies at its California laboratory.

Sean Parker Donates $250 Million to Fight Cancer

The Napster founder and former Facebook president created the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, which will focus on using the body's immune system to combat cancer cells.
Google Pledges $20 Million to Support Disability Technologies

The money is spread across 29 programs working on disability technologies. Here are five examples.
Project Grow

Third-Party Validation Is Your Secret Weapon to Closing the Deal

Validation by third-party experts can enhance a new product/service's reputation and credibility.

Theranos May Have Run Blood Tests Despite Quality Issues

Eighty one patients in a six-month period received hematology results that were not adequately controlled for quality.
Virtual Reality

Doctors Use Virtual Reality to Map Patient's Brain During Surgery

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly useful when it comes to the medical field.

Stryker Corp Buys Physio-Control International for $1.28 Billion

The acquisition will help the company expand its emergency medical services business/