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Mercedes Just Introduced a New Car With Better Range Than a Tesla

The Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA-Class is scheduled to be on the road by 2025.


La inteligencia artificial llega a los coches: Mercedes-Benz integra ChatGPT a sus vehículos

La marca busca mejorar la experiencia de los conductores a través de controles de voz más intuitivos.

News and Trends

Luxury Cars: Need For Speed In Tier II, Tier III Cities

Companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Lamborghini and others see potential in emerging markets of Tier II and Tier III cities. Ludhiana, Udaipur, Kanpur, Mysore, among others, where there are high numbers of NRIs and HNIs have seen high penetration of luxury cars


Acelerar más rápido está a punto de ser más caro para los conductores de algunos Mercedes-Benz

El fabricante de automóviles comenzará a cobrar a los conductores de sus autos eléctricos una tarifa de suscripción anual para acelerar más rápido.

Business News

Going Fast Is About to Get More Expensive for Some Mercedes-Benz Drivers

The automaker will begin charging drivers of its electric cars a yearly subscription fee to accelerate faster.


General Motors ya trabaja en un Corvette 100% eléctrico

La versión eléctrica del este clásico norteamericano podría llegar al mercado este mismo año, lo que significa una gran noticia para el segmento de los deportivos.

Business News

General Motors is already working on a 100% electric Corvette

The electric version of this North American classic could hit the market this year, which means great news for the sports car segment.


Luxury Rental Cars: The New Stars of Indian Weddings

Rapidly developing technology is taking companies' offerings one step further in the market by enabling them to focus on mobile-first solutions


Do You Stink at Ecommerce Content Marketing? Find Inspiration in These 6 Big-Name Brands.

The strategies used by Etsy, Mercedes-Benz, JetBlue (and a brand called The Elephant Pants) can give you some good ideas.

Science & Technology

Mercedes and Bosch Team Up to Create Self-Driving Taxi System

This new alliance seeks to make a dent in the nascent industry.

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Check Out the Sleek 'Vision Mercedes Maybach 6' Concept EV

Mercedes teased 'body sensor displays' that will sense whether you're hot, cold or tense, and adjust accordingly.

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Mercedes Pulls U.S. Ad Touting Self-Driving Car

Earlier this week, Consumer Reports urged the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to scrutinize Mercedes' 'The Future' campaign, which touts the automated driving features available in the new E-Class.

Business News

Mercedes Unveils First Heavy-Duty Electric Delivery Truck

For deliveries that can't be sent via Amazon drone, this truck can carry up to 26 tons.

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Mercedes to Show Its Tesla-Fighting Electric Sedan in September

The concept will show how Mercedes approaches four-door EV luxury.

Growing a Business

How to Upgrade Your Van's Workload Via 'Uplifting'

Outfitting your rigs for work.