Johnson & Johnson will train Mexican students and doctors in the metaverse

The company launches an Innovation Room with state-of-the-art technology that demonstrates the academic use that can be given to immersive viewers that serve to access the metaverse.

Meta will open physical stores to showcase the devices to access the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg's bet is to become the preferred hardware manufacturer for users who want to enter the metaverse.

TEC de Monterrey, a Mexican university, teaches its first class in the metaverse

A professor from the Querétaro Campus migartes part of his course to the virtual environment seeking to emulate face-to-face learning.

The transition from NFTs to the world of the metaverse

Only in the case of non-fungible tokens or NTFs, the market has closed the year 2021 with more than $22,000 million dollars in sales and everything indicates that this industry will continue to expand unstoppably in 2022.

Stiven Cartagena

Horizon Worlds, Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse, will allow creators to sell digital goods and experiences in their worlds

Meta has announced the launch of a program to encourage content creators on its immersive augmented reality platform.

The Atlanta Braves will launch a version of their baseball stadium in the metaverse

The current MLB champion becomes the first team to offer its fans an immersive digital experience.

Epic Games and Lego work together to create a metaverse for children

Companies join forces to create an environment where the safety of children is guaranteed.

Meta Might Be Testing Its Own Currency Called 'Zuck Bucks'

A new report claims that the social media giant is experimenting with its own in-app currency.

Emily Rella

Coca-Cola Zero Byte a soft drink that honors the pixel and the metaverse

The brand continues to incorporate digital elements into its marketing strategy. Now it will launch its own island in Fortnite.

An Austin entrepreneur creates a subdivision on an island in the metaverse and sells the lots in the millions

The project is built on the NFTWorlds platform and promises an interactive experience for users through the Minecraft engine.

Chinese startup Nreal secures funding for its AR-glasses

Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, is among the companies that will contribute funding and has its sighs on the metaverse.

Ukraine launches NFTs that portray the timeline of the conflict with Russia

The original project shows the main events of the war in NFT's that will be released day by day.