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A New Charger for the Breakroom Could Improve Your Employee Morale

the MagStack Foldable Is a 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Your Employees May Appreciate


Are Your Apple Devices Doing Everything They Can for You?

Maximizing devices is an oft-overlooked way to improve a company's overall performance.

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Akko Is One Insurance Plan for All Your Tech

It covers all of your electronics with a single plan.

Science & Technology

Mobile Apple Device Management for Your Business, Without an IT Team, Can be Easy with Jamf Now

Protect your company against cybercrime, theft, and more.


Running Your Business on Apple? This Platform Can Help Smooth Out Your Remote IT Processes.

Keep track of your company's most important assets effortlessly.


Centrally Manage Your Company's Apple Devices With Jamf Now

Jamf Now helps you wirelessly set up, manage and secure the info on your employees' Apple devices in minutes.

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Apple Launches a New iPod Touch

It's been nearly four years since the 6th generation iPod touch was released, but today Apple upgraded it with an A10 Fusion chip, augmented reality, and Group FaceTime.

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Get This Charger Optimized for People On The Go for Half Off

SCOUT features built-in charging for lightning, microUSB, Qi Wireless and more.

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We Don't Know How Much Screen Time Is Too Much Because the Science Isn't Totally There

A new study says that the way that the effects of screen time have been studied has lead to a lot of conflicting answers.

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These Glasses Block You From Seeing Screens, But There Are Things You Can Do to Cut Screen Time Now

IRL Glasses actually prevent you from seeing LCD and LED screens.

Growth Strategies

5 Ways to Design an Awesome Office for Start-ups!

Embracing these factors will create a long lasting change offering a sense of comfort and control in workspaces, privacy, infectious culture and a better experience, thus helping to retain the younger talent


How Franchisors Can Manage Mobile Devices In HealthCare Business

Managing Mobile In Healthcare Franchise

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The Endless Scroll: How to Tell If You're a Tech Addict

Don't let your apps, games, and smartphone control you. Once you understand what's happening in your brain while you use technology, you can do something about it.


This Indian Startup is Giving Serious Competition to Apple

PowerSquare boasts of bringing wireless charging technology to three sectors – Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Infrastructure