Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund

Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Frontier Is Enabling Easier Access To Space-Related Education

Launched with a vision to "push the frontiers of space science" in an interactive way, Frontier offers a hybrid gamified learning model, available in both Arabic and English.

Startup Spotlight: Here's How Abu Dhabi-Based Heidron Energy Solutions Is Producing Lighter (And Cheaper) Batteries For Electric Vehicles

By offering Li-ion batteries made out of Silicon anodes, Abu Dhabi-based Heidron Energy Solutions is looking to create a less complex and much cheaper way to produce energy sources for electric vehicles.

Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Social Platform Fanera Is All About Connecting Football Fans In An Engaging, Interactive Way

Fanera is an app designed "for and by football fans" to share and engage with football content created by a community of fans, influencers, players, and clubs.

Startup Spotlight: Predixa Is Helping Companies Across The UAE Unlock The Financial Value Of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Helping companies realize the social, as well as financial value associated with achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion forms the crux of Predixa's mission.

Startup Spotlight: AR Engineering Is Optimizing Digital Learning To Help Students Be More Job-Ready

Through its subscription-based augmented reality learning app, AR Academy, the firm offers access to a catalog of three-dimensional engineering systems, it enables students to interact with and operate these systems from remote locations.

Startup Spotlight: AI-Based Platform Metanoa Is Enabling The Early Diagnosis Of Learning Disorders In Children

Metanoa enables the early diagnosis of developmental disorders such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, speech delays, and others.

Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based MyUniPath Helps MENA Students Choose The Right Universities To Enrol In

By helping students figure out the "right" program, as well as how to pay for it, MyUniPath is helping students find the universities that best suit their requirements.

Startup Spotlight: Luxembourg-Headquartered Maana Electric Is Bringing Its Sustainable Solar Panel Producing Mobile Factories To The UAE

With an aim to become "the utility company of the solar system," Maana Electric has developed a mobile factory, called the TerraBox, that can produce solar panels using only sand and electricity- a model it hopes to recreate on the Moon and Mars as well.

Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based Podeo Wants To Help Arab Creators With An End-To-End Platform To Start A Podcast

Founded in 2019, Podeo is a podcast platform that enables creators and publishers to record, host, produce and distribute their podcasts on global podcasting directories, including the platform's own application.

Pamella de Leon

Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based Flashy Aims To Become A Market Leader In The Commercial Brand Photography Domain

Flashy provides professional product/service photography for e-commerce businesses as well as those that operate in the F&B, hospitality, events, and real estate sectors.

Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based AS2 Systems Offers Cutting-Edge Technologies That Can Help Secure Maritime Autonomy

Launched in September 2020, AS2 Systems is a tech startup that uses its proprietary technologies to develop a secure "command and control" system that offers autonomous control of any vessel, irrespective of its size or complexity.

Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based Fleetroot Is Easing Last-Mile Delivery Hassles For Businesses Across The MENA

In addition, the logistics platform also helps improve the safety and efficiency of connected operations by offering fleet management tools.