Cold-Calling Secrets From Netflix's 'The Snitch Cartel'

All cold-callers should pay attention to one part of the show.

David Walter

People line up for 6 hours to try the famous cookies from The Squid Game

The sales of a dalgona stall in Seoul has increased dramatically thanks to the series' fame where the characters must undo them in different ways in order not to die.

The Squid Game is officially Netflix's most-watched series of all time

Netflix announced that the South Korean series has broken records since it premiered in September.

Players Chosen for a Real-Life Version of 'Squid Game'

The games will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates' Korean Cultural Centre.

Amanda Breen

Woman Receives Thousands of Calls, Texts After Phone Number is Shown on 'Squid Games'

A South Korean woman reported that she was being bombarded with prank calls and texts from people asking to join the games.

Emily Rella

A designer imagines what Netflix, Spotify, and other brands would have looked like in the 1980s

Thomas Ollivier designed these famous brands on the web as they would have been seen if they were retro objects.

The Squid Game: the phone number shown in the series is real

Apparently one person has received four thousand calls a day due to the series.

This is the reason why we must clear our mind of Netflix and TikTok content according to the founder of Telegram

Pável Dúrov explains that, according to numerous studies, the brain generates solutions to problems, even when we are resting, and ...

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Major streaming services via Netflix, Amazon, Disney and Apple continue to compete for subscribers. Here's what that means for you.

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The streaming platform finally dabbled in video games. Its first two releases are inspired by the 'Stranger Things' series and here we tell you how they can be played.