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Get Over Imposter Syndrome and These 4 Other Hurdles of Being a New Entrepreneur With Help from Netflix's Co-Founder

Netflix co-founder breaks down five questions that most new entrepreneurs have and what you need to ask yourself to jump through the first stages of creating your own business.


¿El fin de la era sin interrupciones en el streaming? Amazon Prime Video empieza a cobrar a suscriptores una cuota adicional para evitar la publicidad

Si las suscriptores quieren ver el contenido de manera fluida, tendrán que pagar una cuota adicional, de $2.99 dólares.

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Netflix streaming toward uncharted heights

Netflix achieved notable subscriber growth and revenue increase in Q4 2023, backed by strategic content expansion.


WWE y Netflix firman histórico acuerdo de $5,000 millones de dólares

La plataforma de streaming transmitirá RAW de manera exclusiva en Estados Unidos, Canadá, América Latina y Canadá.


Google, Netflix y Spotify la dan la espalda a las gafas Apple Vision Pro

Los gigantes de la tecnología han decidido no crear aplicaciones especiales para este dispositivo.


The Real Story Behind How Netflix Got Its Name — and Why It Used to Be Called 'Kibble' Behind the Scenes

Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph still has the scratch paper he used to come up with the name of the iconic company. Here, he shares the story of the company's birth and some solid advice for entrepreneurs just starting their journey.

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Why I'm Not Falling For Those Streaming Bundle 'Deals' — And You Shouldn't Either.

The highest-profile streaming services are being bundled together like the days of cable — but here's why I'm not falling for it.


Netflix Released A Report Of What People Watched For The First Time. This Is What They Found

For the first time ever, Netflix released 'What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report', which they shall be releasing twice a year.

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Job cuts at Spotify, markets hurry to buy the stock

Spotify is issuing new layoffs, but this doesn't necessarily mean bad news for the stock. It is beginning to take on a new rally after analysts boost it


Participantes de Squid Games demandan a la casa productora del reality show

Los integrantes del programa aseguraron que durante el rodaje pusieron en riesgo su integridad.


Netflix planea llevar sus series y personajes al plano físico por medio de nuevas tiendas y experiencias

Aunque todavía no hay detalles de la estrategia, la empresa busca explotar el amor de la gente por sus producciones.

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Netflix Is Mailing Out Its Last DVD Today. I Got the Very First One 25 Years Ago.

Netflix co-founder and founding CEO Marc Randolph tells the story of the first Netflix DVD that got sent in the mail — and one he wished never went out the door.


Oportunidad de ensueño: $2,500 dólares por ver series de Netflix

Un casino en línea está buscando a una persona que le ayude a determinar qué serie de Netflix resulta más adictiva.

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Netflix Is Shuttering a Beloved, Old-School Service — And Giving Customers Something for Free

The company has been mailing DVDs to customers for 25 years. But not anymore.

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Netflix Engineer Goes Missing In San Francisco Two Weeks After Moving There. "We're Going To Find Him," His Brother Says.

Yohanes Kidane, 22, was last seen getting into an Uber a week ago. Nobody has heard from him since.