Netflix released two 'Stranger Things' video games to play from its app, here is everything you need to know

The streaming platform finally dabbled in video games. Its first two releases are inspired by the 'Stranger Things' series and here we tell you how they can be played.

TUDUM! This will be the first global event open for Netflix fans

The streaming company will show images, trailers and stars from its series at an event open to the public.

Elon Musk Teams Up With Netflix to Stream SpaceX Space Mission in 'Near Real Time'

The Netflix streaming platform will offer "unprecedented access" and broadcast in "near real time" the next space mission of SpaceX, Elon Musk's aerospace company.

Netflix Confirms Its Expansion Into the Video-Game Market

The streaming company decided to start with games on smartphones.

Netflix wants to compete with PlayStation and XBox: it will incorporate video games into its content

The company has analyzed different strategies to diversify its market and has decided to include video games.

Spielberg Inks Shocking Movie Deal With Netflix: 'We Cannot Wait to Get to Work'

It is unclear whether or not Spielberg himself will direct any of the new feature films.

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4 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Success From The Queen's Gambit

There's a more feminine approach to success that needs to be glamorized.

Netflix's new shuffle feature will help you choose what to watch

If you are one of those who can spend hours choosing what to see, this seems like a great opportunity to not waste so much time.

Netflix Has Its Best Night Ever at the Oscars With Seven Wins

However, it failed to take best picture or any acting awards.

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'La casa de las Flores, the Movie' and 'La divina gula': Netflix bets on Mexican titles to go back in 2021

The brand announced some of its 2021 premieres with which it hopes to attract more Latino subscribers.

What 'Bridgerton' Can Teach Marketers About Today's Consumers

The bodice-ripping Netflix hit's themes are, in fact, timeless.