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From Trading Baseball Cards to $300 Million in Sports Memorabilia Sales, Ken Goldin Is the 'King of Collectibles' on Netflix

Goldin's new Netflix show takes viewers behind the scenes of his lucrative empire.

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Netflix Cuts a Beloved Service, Disappointing Loyal Fans Nationwide

It no longer makes sense for the business's bottom line.

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Netflix Bounces Back From Decade's Biggest Subscriber Loss Last Year

As growth at Netflix cooled last year, the company focused on creating a lower-priced subscription tier with advertising, according to the report


Un hombre demanda a Netflix por $1 millón de dólares después de ver su foto en un documental que describe a un asesino

Taylor Hazlewood afirma que Netflix usó una de sus fotos de Instagram en una escena de "El mochilero del hacha".

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Man Sues Netflix For $1 Million After Seeing His Photo in a Documentary Describing a 'Stone Cold Killer'

Taylor Hazlewood claims that Netflix used one of his Instagram photos during a scene in "The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker."

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'I Teach People How to Live Their Rich Life:' Finance Expert Ramit Sethi Gets a Netflix Show

The author of "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" is taking his financial advice on the road.

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'We Would Never Keep You Waiting': Netflix Slammed For Failed 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Livestream

The live reunion special for "Love is Blind" Season 4 was supposed to stream at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday.

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Ask Co-Founder of Netflix Marc Randolph Anything: How to Watch

How to watch the new live streaming episode of 'Ask Marc.'

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Netflix's Cheaper Advertising Tier Reportedly Hits 1 Million U.S. Subscribers

The streaming giant began offering a subscription plan for $6.99 a month in November.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Went Missing 9-Years-Ago With No Answers. Now Netflix Is Taking on the Mystery in 'The Plane That Disappeared'

Despite various search efforts and investigations, there are few leads to explain what really happened.

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Netflix Cuts Subscription Prices in a Host of Countries — But Not in the U.S.

The streaming giant is also preparing a password-sharing crackdown, set to begin in March.


Netflix reduce el costo de su servicio básico en más de 100 países

Luego de haber anunciado descuentos en algunas regiones de Latinoamérica, la plataforma baja sus precios en otros países tratando de reconquistar a los usuarios.


Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos' Advice To Aspiring Filmmakers

"If you want to shoot, then shoot. Try to get out there even if no one sees it or even if you don't make any money," Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos