'I Teach People How to Live Their Rich Life:' Finance Expert Ramit Sethi Gets a Netflix Show The author of "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" is taking his financial advice on the road.

By Sam Silverman

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The author who literally wrote the book on how to get rich is now bringing it to television.

Financial advisor and author Ramit Sethi is taking his expertise on the road in an unscripted series for Netflix based on his 2009 New York Times Bestseller "I Will Teach You to Be Rich."

The show features Sethi on a six-week journey advising people in the U.S. including New York and California who are struggling to manage their finances with his approach to paying off debt, saving, and budgeting.

Ramit's approach is sometimes different than traditional advice. He's not going to tell you to cut out your artisanal coffee. He encourages people to "spend extravagantly on the things you love, as long as you cut costs mercilessly on the things you don't," and to "buy all the lattes you want." In the new show, he advises on things like using psychology to not be afraid of spending money by prioritizing what's most important to you, and he doesn't discourage people from big-ticket purchases (like weddings).

"Traditional money advice is about saying 'no': No lattes, no vacations, no fun. I believe money is about saying YES to a Rich Life," Sethi said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm excited to be launching How to Get Rich on Netflix to share my approach to saving more, investing more and spending more on the things you love with a broader audience."

The eight-episode series is set to debut on National Tax Day, April 18.

Here's what to know about Ramit Sethi and his new Netflix show.

Who Is Ramit Sethi?

Ramit Sethi grew up in a middle-class family in California. His journey to financial literally began when he devised a plan to apply to more than 60 scholarships so he could attend undergrad and grad school at Stanford University, according to his website.

But instead of putting the money towards his Stanford tuition, he invested his first scholarship check in the stock market and lost half the money. The loss encouraged him to learn more about how money worked while studying technology and psychology.

He started to share his wealth of knowledge on his website, iwillteachyoutoberich.com, which he started while he was still a student at Stanford in 2004.

Today, Sethi's financial coaching programs have helped thousands of people start their own businesses, according to Business Insider.

Sethi released a second edition of his book in 2019, which includes a 6-week program on how people can manage their money more effectively, and he hosts his own podcast under the same title "I Will Teach You to Be Rich."

Sethi has also been a contributor at Entrepreneur.

What Is Ramit Sethi's Net Worth?

Multiple outlets estimate Ramit Sethi's net worth to be around $20 to $25 million. In a 2019 piece for CNBC, Sethi defined himself as a "self-made millionaire."

Ahead of the premiere of his show, he told CNBC he saves his personal unlimited spending for health, books, and friends' fundraisers.

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