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While Rent Prices Dropped Around the Country in March, Manhattan Hit a New Record High

The average cost of renting an apartment in Manhattan in March was up 12.8% from a year ago.

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NYC Wine Store Fined $100,000 for Selling Counterfeit Bourbon

The retailer was fined for purchasing whiskey from "unauthorized" sellers.

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NYC's 65,000 Food Delivery Workers Can Now 'Rest, Get Warm and Recharge' at This Fast-Food Chain's Exclusive 'Brake' Room

Patrons must show proof they completed a food delivery order within the past week to enter The Brake Room.

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Being Single Can Cost You — Nearly $7,000 More Per Year in Rent, According to a New Report

A new report has found that the "singles tax" can be as much as $19,500 in America's most expensive cities.

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The 90-Year-Old Owner of Ray's Candy Store Was Brutally Attacked Outside His Shop

Ray Alvarez was attacked in front of his iconic NYC candy store around 3 a.m. on Tuesday.

Real Estate

'I Literally Had to Beg': Influencers Say NYC Landlords Aren't Renting Them Apartments

In a tight real estate market, even social media stars who earn six figures are finding it hard to land an apartment in the Big Apple.

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New Yorkers Are Helping Keep This Nostalgic Candy Store and its 90-Year-Old Owner in Business

Ray's Candy store owner Ray Alvarez has manned his shop daily since opening in 1974.

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NYC Rent On a Minimum Wage Salary? That'll Be Over 100 Hours a Week

New study found that affordable housing across the nation is increasingly inaccessible, especially to those working minimum wage jobs.

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This Is How Much You Need to Earn in Order to Rent in the U.S.'s Most Expensive Cities

While the housing market has slightly cooled, many renters are still priced out of America's most expensive places.

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U.S. Is Home to 6 of the Top 20 Cities with the Most Billionaires in the World

San Francisco has the most billionaire residents of any city, and New York has the most millionaires. See what other cities made the list.

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Life Expectancy Declines By 3 Years in New York in 2020, And It Doesn't Stop There

Due to Covid and its residual impact, New York state, as well as the rest of the country, saw dramatic declines in life expectancy in the first year of the pandemic.

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'Where Does That Money Go?': A Look Inside New York City's Ruthless Housing Market

Finding quality housing in New York has never been easy. Now, it's harder — and more expensive — than ever.

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New York Rent Reached Its Highest Levels, Ever. When Are They Expected To Go Down?

Average monthly rent breaks $5,000 in Manhattan for the first time in history.