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What You Can Learn About NFTs From Coca-Cola, Acura and Gucci

Your business doesn't have to be a household name to be successful in the world of NFTs. Here's what you can learn about expanding into the metaverse from these three major brands' NFT innovations.

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Rario Raises $120 Million In Series A Funding Round

With Dream Capital's investment, Rario gets access to Dream Sports' 140 million users, who will be offered FIAT-only products in India, with the potential to create the largest cricket NFT platform globally

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The campaign that uses NFT's to raise awareness around testicular cancer

The spherical NFT's represent the testicles and one thing is essential: you have to learn to take care of them.


La campaña que utiliza NFT's para crear conciencia en torno al cáncer testicular

Los NFT's esféricos representan a los testículos y una cosa es fundamental: tienes que aprender a cuidarlos.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Coinbase NFT is already operating, the marketplace that aims to democratize investment in non-fungible digital tokens

Coinbase announced the launch of the beta version of the platform where NFTs from collections such as Cool Cats and World of Women can be purchased.


Ya está operando Coinbase NFT, el marketplace que pretende democratizar la inversión en tokens digitales no fungibles

Coinbase anunció la puesta en marcha de la versión beta de la plataforma en la que se podrán adquirir NFT's de colecciones como Cool Cats y World of Women.

Money & Finance

How a Blockchain Company Is Harnessing NFTs to Promote Social Good

Binance Charity and Binance NFT chief Helen Hai shares how NFTs can be made into a powerful charity vehicle.


Louis Vuitton lanzará más NFT's y dos niveles más de su juego Louis: The Game

La marca de lujo sigue apostando por los tokens digitales como una manera de acercarse a los jóvenes consumidores.

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Louis Vuitton will launch more NFT's and two more levels of its game Louis: The Game

The luxury brand continues to bet on digital tokens as a way to get closer to young consumers.

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Myraah Raises $350,000 In Pre-Seed Funding

Funds will be utilized to help Myraah build a Web3.0 platform that allows anyone to create their Web3 digital identity and manage their digital assets such as files, pictures, music, videos, notes, documents, NFTs, domains and websites

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Looking to Invest in NFTs? How to Research and Find the Next Potential Big Hit.

While there is no surefire way to know what will hit and what will flop, these Investment strategies can help you navigate the fast-moving world of NFTs, metaverse and crypto.

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Visa creates program to help content creators to develop NFT's

The launches a global program to prepare artists in an immersive one-year program.


Visa crea programa para que los creadores de contenido desarrollen NFT's

La financiera crea un programa global para acompañar a los artistas en un programa inmersivo que durará un año.

Business News

Student Selling His Soul as an NFT

What, does that seem any more ridiculous than a $50,000 doodle from Gary Vee?

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Learn How to Create and Sell Your Own NFTs

Turn your art into digital currency.