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How NFTs Work — and How They Could Prove Profitable for Your Business

NFTs seem to be all the rage these days, but can they actually work for most businesses?

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DayFi SDK Raises Funds From Polygon To Make NFTs More Affordable And Accessible

The fund will be used to expand the engineering team and file key IPs and patents around the infrastructure and software design innovation

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If the FTX Crash and NFT Bubble Are All You Know About Web3, You're Missing the True Value of This Revolutionary Asset

A lot of people think NFTs are just overpriced JPEGs that speculators spent millions of dollars on during the pandemic's heyday — but they're so much more than that.

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Why 2023 Might Be The Year of the Crypto Underdog

Blockchain is in a much different position than it was a year ago, and external factors, such as incoming regulation and broader market trends, play a significant role in what projects will get or deserve substantial backing.

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Fashion's Foray Into Metaverse

Entering the Metaverse does not require a rule of thumb. There are multiple ways of entering space, such as launching NFTs, time capsules, establishing a virtual space, and releasing skins and apparel for users

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Blockchain-a Game Changer For Multiple Industries

Blockchain's popularity and applications are skyrocket­ing due to its innate qualities – the decentralized and distrib­uted ledger is immutable and completely transparent. My favourite is personal identity security, which paves the way for self-sovereign identity

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Now that Crypto Has Crashed, What's Next for The Metaverse?

The metaverse will be a massive part of the future and offers unique opportunities to shape your brand and connect with consumers.

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Former US President Donald Trump Launches First Official Trading Card NFT Collection

Users can see Trump in several avatars, such as an astronaut, a superhero, and a wild-west sheriff to name a few

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Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, Justin Bieber Among Celeb NFT Endorsers Named in Suit Against Yuga Labs

The lawsuit says celebrities promoted money-losing Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and ApeCoin tokens.

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Why NFTs Will Shape the Future of Gaming

Traditional games monetize by perpetuating a flow of value where players invest their time and money, only to increase the profits retained by game developers. Conversely, NFTs enable players to capture the value they create within the ecosystem.


Lanzará Cristiano Ronaldo su primera colección de NFT's

El astro del futbol portugués y Binance se unieron para lanzar la primera colección de NFT's del jugador.

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NFTs Are Giving Web3 a Bad Name. Here's What They Both Can Really Do

Web3 is far more than apes, dogs, cats and punks. It has use cases that are set to transform industries.


Minteo recauda $4.3 millones de dólares para llevar la Web3 a América Latina

Minteo recaudo $4,3 millones de dólares para incorporar a los latinoamericanos a la Web3 a través de los NFT, permitiéndolos comercializar activos digitales.


Por primera vez en la historia una casa se vende en formato NFT

El inmueble, ubicado en Columbia, Carolina del Sur, fue vendido por $175,000 dólares.

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Most Web3 Marketing is Fake. Here's Why.

If you were around during the NFT bull run like me, you certainly felt intrigued at how "pictures of animals" were being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.