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Are NFTs Back? Why NFTs Will Make a Comeback in 2024

Just as the broader crypto industry matured during the down market, the same can be said for NFTs.

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Grimes, Who Once Banked $5.8 Million in 20 Minutes By Selling Crypto Art, Says She's Made More From NFTs Than From Her Entire Music Career

She recently offered to split 50% of royalties with anyone who made a song featuring her AI vocals.

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Utility NFTs: The Rising Digital Revolution Transforming Industries

Utility non-fungible tokens are not merely a passing fad, but a significant force reshaping industries from entertainment and art to fashion, real estate, and gaming.

News and Trends

Mastercard's Web3 Music Accelerator Drops Five New Singles as NFTs

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator was announced earlier this year and launched in April with the Mastercard Music Pass, which granted holders access to the program including its educational materials and AI tools

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Google Changes NFT Policy For Play Store

According to reports, Google's new Play policy will make it easy to transact blockchain-based content in apps and games. It will help developers boost user loyalty through NFT rewards and reimagine traditional games with user-owned content

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Web3-Based Curator Driven Marketplace Partners With Seracle

The collaboration between Seracle and aims to create a secure platform for digital artists and collectors to showcase and purchase NFTs

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Star Wars Limited 'Digital Toys' NFTs To Drop On May 24th

Dropping on May 24th, the collection will comprise 15 limited-edition toys featuring three iconic characters of Luke, Leia and Darth Vader, 5 Blasters, 10 Lightsabers, and 15 Stylized toys, all telling the history of the franchise

Growing a Business

Should Your Business Launch an NFT? Here Are 4 Things You Need to Know.

NFTs might be your perfect growth opportunity -- or not. Here are some things to consider as you evaluate your involvement.

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NFTs Are Finally on TV — Here's What to Expect

Digital assets are here to stay. Here's one major way they can reach a global audience.

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Yuga Labs Announces New NFT Collection; To Go Live On the Bitcoin Blockchain

Greg Solana, co-founder, Yuga Labs, shared the news through an official blog posting titled "Introducing Twelvefold."

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Shemaroo Entertainment Teams Up With Polygon To Offer Bollywood NFTs

With, Shemaroo plans to democratise motion pictures by bringing Bollywood and art into a marketplace, giving fans a chance to own NFTs using Polygon's blockchain technology

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What Is NFT Art? Everything You Need To Know.

Are you interested in art and the metaverse? If so, you're in the right place. NFT art is the merging of both worlds. Keep reading to learn more.

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Birkin vs. MetaBirkins: When Art Inspiration Led To Legal Accusations

The space of Non-Fungible Tokens is still a developing one, and Hermes International v. Rothschild will play a pivotal role in future developments

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Should We Invest in Cryptocurrency in 2023?

Is crypto dead? Was it all just a fad? Let's find out.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

How NFTs Work — and How They Could Prove Profitable for Your Business

NFTs seem to be all the rage these days, but can they actually work for most businesses?