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Web3-Based Curator Driven Marketplace Partners With Seracle

The collaboration between Seracle and aims to create a secure platform for digital artists and collectors to showcase and purchase NFTs

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Star Wars Limited 'Digital Toys' NFTs To Drop On May 24th

Dropping on May 24th, the collection will comprise 15 limited-edition toys featuring three iconic characters of Luke, Leia and Darth Vader, 5 Blasters, 10 Lightsabers, and 15 Stylized toys, all telling the history of the franchise

Growing a Business

Should Your Business Launch an NFT? Here Are 4 Things You Need to Know.

NFTs might be your perfect growth opportunity -- or not. Here are some things to consider as you evaluate your involvement.

Money & Finance

NFTs Are Finally on TV — Here's What to Expect

Digital assets are here to stay. Here's one major way they can reach a global audience.

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Yuga Labs Announces New NFT Collection; To Go Live On the Bitcoin Blockchain

Greg Solana, co-founder, Yuga Labs, shared the news through an official blog posting titled "Introducing Twelvefold."

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Shemaroo Entertainment Teams Up With Polygon To Offer Bollywood NFTs

With, Shemaroo plans to democratise motion pictures by bringing Bollywood and art into a marketplace, giving fans a chance to own NFTs using Polygon's blockchain technology

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What Is NFT Art? Everything You Need To Know.

Are you interested in art and the metaverse? If so, you're in the right place. NFT art is the merging of both worlds. Keep reading to learn more.

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Birkin vs. MetaBirkins: When Art Inspiration Led To Legal Accusations

The space of Non-Fungible Tokens is still a developing one, and Hermes International v. Rothschild will play a pivotal role in future developments

Science & Technology

Should We Invest in Cryptocurrency in 2023?

Is crypto dead? Was it all just a fad? Let's find out.

Money & Finance

How NFTs Work — and How They Could Prove Profitable for Your Business

NFTs seem to be all the rage these days, but can they actually work for most businesses?

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DayFi SDK Raises Funds From Polygon To Make NFTs More Affordable And Accessible

The fund will be used to expand the engineering team and file key IPs and patents around the infrastructure and software design innovation

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

If the FTX Crash and NFT Bubble Are All You Know About Web3, You're Missing the True Value of This Revolutionary Asset

A lot of people think NFTs are just overpriced JPEGs that speculators spent millions of dollars on during the pandemic's heyday — but they're so much more than that.

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Why 2023 Might Be The Year of the Crypto Underdog

Blockchain is in a much different position than it was a year ago, and external factors, such as incoming regulation and broader market trends, play a significant role in what projects will get or deserve substantial backing.

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Fashion's Foray Into Metaverse

Entering the Metaverse does not require a rule of thumb. There are multiple ways of entering space, such as launching NFTs, time capsules, establishing a virtual space, and releasing skins and apparel for users

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Blockchain-a Game Changer For Multiple Industries

Blockchain's popularity and applications are skyrocket­ing due to its innate qualities – the decentralized and distrib­uted ledger is immutable and completely transparent. My favourite is personal identity security, which paves the way for self-sovereign identity