MacKenzie Scott Marries a Seattle Science Teacher

This information was made public after the scholar referenced it in a letter posted on the Giving Pledge website.

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Jeff Bezos Was the Millionaire Who Made the Largest Charitable Donation of 2020

We had probably forgotten, but at the beginning of last year the owner of Amazon allocated 10 billion dollars to the fight against climate change.

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MacKenzie Scott, Ex-Wife of Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Gave Away More Than $4 billion Over the Last 4 months to Help Those Affected Economically by the Pandemic

The organizations range from food banks to emergency relief funds, as Scott sought to give 'immediate support to people suffering the economic effects' of the pandemic, and gave funds to organizations that have 'dedicated their lives to helping others.'

10 Wealthy Entrepreneurs Who Give the Most to Charity

These successful business owners shared their fortunes for the greater good.

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Giving is Transformational

Giving is contagious. Conscious giving can be infinite.

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How Online Tools Can Help Your Nonprofit Survive COVID-19

Five practical tips for using technology to create personal and meaningful connections with donors.

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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Approach Catalytic Philanthropy for a Healthier World

Inspiration from self-made billionaire Gary Michelson on investing in the future of the world.

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9 Social Impact Models That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

Positive social change is an important component of a strong business.

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This Entrepreneur's Story Shows the Frightening Link Between Financial Insecurity and Mental Health

Research is clear on the correlation between financial well-being and mental health. Ivan Anz experienced this first hand.

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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Support Their Customers and Community in Testing Times

As we fight a universal calamity, let's use our platforms for generosity however we can.

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