Growing a Business

How to Determine the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Small Business

Discover how small businesses can navigate the challenging terrain of pricing strategy in a post-inflation economy.


Don't Leave Money on the Table — How to Find Out If You're Underpricing Your Products (and What to Do About It)

Studies show most incorrectly priced products are priced too low. Learn to bridge the gap between actual and perceived value, identify maximum customer willingness-to-pay and adopt metric-based pricing for increased profitability.

Business Plans

How to Define Your Product and Set Your Prices

Before you can start promoting your business, you need to have a marketing strategy that defines what you are selling, how much it costs, and where customers can find it.


How Promotional Pricing Devalues Your Brand

Promotional pricing and discount pricing strategies can cost brands millions in lost sales by promoting unprofitable buying behavior. This article will discuss the long-term impact discounts can have on a brand.

Growing a Business

Are You Charging Enough Money for Your Software? Here's How You Can Tell.

My biggest mistake as a founder was charging too little for my product. Here are the three things that will allow you to charge good money for your software.

Science & Technology

Why Are Entrepreneurs Still Ignoring This Easy Way to Boost Profits?

The average SaaS company spends just 6 hours determining its pricing strategy. This means entrepreneurs are missing out on a crucial part of their business.

Money & Finance

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Startup Pricing Strategies

Don't underestimate the complexity of pricing: It underpins countless strategic decisions your startup will make.


What Exactly Is A "Porterage" Fee? It's a Great Example of What You Shouldn't Be Charging Your Customers

You might encounter this fee if you have upcoming business or leisure travel planned.

Starting a Business

How to Price Your Services as a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager

Just starting as a virtual assistant or social media manager? Here's your go-to guide for how to price your online service for maximum authority, leads, and profit.

Growing a Business

5 Often Overlooked Ways to Thrive on Walmart Marketplace

Learn how to grow your business by harnessing this emerging ecommerce platform to its fullest potential.

Growing a Business

7 Trends Every Online Service Provider Needs to Know in 2022

These seven trends are set to define the online service provider landscape in the new year.

Thought Leaders

Stop Competing on Price — Compete on Value

Don't make the mistake of leading with price and tying all conversations around it.

Starting a Business

Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Pricing for a Luxury Design Startup

Extreme value is the goal of luxury brands and it must reflect in their pricing strategy.


4 Proven Tips for Creating a Competitive Business Within a Crowded Niche

If your business doesn't stand out, you'll get lost in the noise of your industry.

Starting a Business

Money Matters: Learning How to Price Your Photos to Sell

Finding the right balance between too low and too high when pricing your photos will help you attract a willing audience.