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Google Says 'Right to be Forgotten' Should be Limited to the European Union

In a committee report, the tech giant is putting its foot down about where people can be 'forgotten' online.

Nina Zipkin

Uber Will Improve Privacy, Data Security Following Report

The ride service said it will provide training for employees, making policies easier for customers to understand, and tightening access controls.


What Entrepreneurs Should Know About the Laws Protecting Children Online

As the FTC cracks down on non-compliant businesses, understanding the importance of children's online privacy and protection is even more important for small businesses.

Peter Gasca

Facebook Updates Its Privacy Policy, But Does That Mean Anything?

Americans overwhelmingly say that they don't feel in-control of how their personal data is collected online, and Facebook's new privacy policy will likely do little to change the sentiment.

Laura Entis

When It Comes to Privacy, People Fear Facebook Most

The big social network also has the unfortunate distinction of being the company viewed as most likely to have a corporate scandal.

Ari Levy

Wall Street Teams Up to Try to Fight Hackers

Two financial regulatory groups have announced that their jointly produced software program, Soltra Edge, will become available on Dec. 2.

From a Legal Standpoint, Should You Go With Google Docs or Office Online?

Forget the features list and ease of use. There are some serious implications to consider with the companies privacy policies.

Sarah Austin

Facebook Makes Elusive Vow to Rethink User Experimentation

The social network will give its researchers 'clearer guidelines' for future experimentations -- but just what these guidelines are is anyone's guess.

Geoff Weiss

Apple Tries to Distance Itself From Facebook and Google on Privacy

As Apple continues to investigate its own high-profile hack, CEO Tim Cook wrote an open letter to customers assuring their private data is safe.

Matt Clinch

The 7 Critical Elements Your Ecommerce Site Needs to Be Considered Trustworthy

With ecommerce platforms making it easier than ever to launch a website, competition is fierce. To ensure your website stands up to the trust test, make sure it has these seven components

Bryan Lovgren

Google: The Process of 'Forgetting' People Is Still Evolving

In response to questions raised by EU data protection agencies, Google published a point-by-point response explaining how it is currently processing the 91,000 removal requests it has already received.

Laura Entis

Even A Business in Cyberspace Needs Legal Protection

That feeling of being unfettered on the Internet is an illusion but some basic legal documents will make it virtually real.