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Do You Say 'Like' Too Much? Don't Worry! I'm a Sociolinguist, and I Like 'Like.'

The modern use of the word is denigrated through and through. But it may be doing more communicative heavy lifting than we give it credit for.

Side Hustle

How to Make a Side Income as a Public Speaker

Even if you never imagined yourself as a public speaker, it could be an amazing money-making opportunity for you.

Growing a Business

The Complete, 20-Step Guide to Ace Public Speaking

Public speaking is a valuable skill for entrepreneurs as it can help them effectively communicate their ideas, build credibility and trust with potential investors, partners, and customers, and ultimately grow their businesses. Strong public speaking skills can also enhance an entrepreneur's leadership abilities and overall professional development


5 Insider Tips for Improving Your Confidence as a Public Speaker

Presenting publicly can be a nerve-wracking experience. Here are five key tips to help you boost your confidence.

Growing a Business

Are You Using the Most Powerful Marketing Tool on the Planet? Ashley Kirkwood Shows You How.

Learn how to make money from (and through) public speaking, even if you've never been on a stage.


Having Trouble Speaking Up in Meetings? Try This Strategy.

It can be difficult to teach and train and to collaborate and share in meetings. Here are some tips to help you speak up.


The Hollywood Speech Coach Who Turned Gal Gadot Into Wonder Woman Reveals How to Use Your Voice to Get What You Want

Samara Bay's new book 'Permission to Speak: How to Change What Power Sounds Like, Starting With You' reveals how to do exactly that.

Thought Leaders

How to Master the Art of Public Speaking, Even If Your Anxiety Is Through the Roof

Nerves are fine, but falling apart… not so much.

Growing a Business

5 Straightforward Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker This Year

Use these methods to morph into a more effective communicator.

Growing a Business

This Is the One Thing You Need If You Want to Get Paid Speaking Gigs

Getting paid to speak can seem overwhelming, but having this essential element is a good start.

Growing a Business

3 Steps to Getting Paid Speaking Engagements

The co-author of 'Networking Like a Pro' explains how to develop this rewarding and life-enhancing skill.

Starting a Business

The Small Business Owner's Guide To Business Storytelling

The best storytellers immediately draw the audience into the story, capture their attention and set the tone for a unique experience that the audience will remember, whilst focusing on these five key elements.

Thought Leaders

5 Tips to Feel More Confident With Public Speaking

Here are five tips to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and step on stage with confidence.

Growth Strategies

Own The Room: Three Tips To Use The Art Of Presence In Public Speaking

What's really going on, when someone owns their space so strongly? And how can we make that happen?


A Cognitive Scientist Reveals Why We Choke Under Pressure and How to Avoid It

Cognitive scientist and president of Barnard College Sian Beilock discusses how we "get in our own way" when it matters most and shares strategies to help prepare for success when the stakes are high.