Startup Spotlight: Tech Platform Hikayati Promotes Inclusive Representation By Producing Personalized Children's Books For The MENA Region

Launched in 2021 by Asif Mugloo, Hikayati is a technology-based publisher that produces physical storybooks in Arabic and English that have been personalized end-to-end for young children.

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When it comes to launching their first book, many entrepreneurs sweat the small stuff while ignoring what really matters.

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3 Impacts of AI in the Machine Translation Industry

Recent advances have proven superb results that can provide multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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How the internet, social media and digital platforms have propelled the scholarly communication landscape.

The Future of Content Lies in Transparent and Digital Publishing

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Bypass the Pitch: 6 Rock-Solid Reasons to Self-Publish Your First Book

Working with publishers can be a nightmare. Know all your options.

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