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3 Steps to Effectively Lead Through Uncertain Financial Times or Company Restructuring

For smaller companies and startups, uncertainty can be destructive and formative at the same time.

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Layoffs in This Economy Don't Have To Be Inevitable If You Reevaluate Your Spending in These Areas

We're living amid the crisis. But in spite of the obvious economic slow-down, businesses can actually find a way to stay afloat, and without cutting their teams short. Here are a few practical tips on how to do it.

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How to Prepare Your Product Business for a Recession

If you're a product-based business and nervous about a potential recession, this is how you should prepare.

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Federal Economists Warn a Recession Is 'Plausible' in 2023

During the Fed's February meeting, economists cautioned that stocks and real estate prices could fall this year and inflation could persist into 2024.

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My Business Survived 2 Recessions by Applying These 3 Principles

Here are three key principles you should follow during an economic downturn to ensure your business survives.

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Get Familiar With This Latest Economic Buzzword — Because It's Hurting Your Wallet

Federal Reserve officials and economists have honed in on another inflation indicator.


Why You Should Maintain (or Even Increase) Your Marketing Budget in a Recession

Contrary to popular belief, companies should maintain — or even increase — their marketing budgets during a recession.

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Our 'Rolling Recession' Is the Latest Economic Meme — But What Does It Actually Mean?

We may not be in for a "hard" or "soft" landing.

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These 3 KPIs Are The Key to Surviving a Recession

If you're starting to feel growth slow, don't wait for it to worsen. Instead, start making strategic changes and decisions.

Science & Technology

Why Software Talent Is Still in Demand Despite Tech Layoffs, Downturn and a Potential Recession

Despite the layoffs and fears of an economic recession, top tech talent is still in demand.

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3 Recession-Proof Strategies for Small Business Owners

Now is the time for entrepreneurs to create an action plan for navigating an unpredictable economy.


Don't Slash Your Marketing Budget to Shreds in a Recession — Use These 3 Cost-Cutting Measures Instead.

Some businesses won't survive whether we have a recession or not. The calculated recession-planning maneuvers you make today can help your brand come out stronger even if your marketing budget undergoes a serious shave.


How to Manage and Maximize Your Marketing Budget During Times of Economic Uncertainty

Choppy economic waters may push the nervous business owner to slash marketing budgets. Don't jump the gun, though, because there are several more measured approaches one should take first.


How to Adjust Your Marketing to Survive a 2023 Recession

Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your business is well-positioned to survive a possible recession.