News and Trends

Erekrut HR Automation Solution Raises $433,330 In Pre-Seed Funding

The fund raised will be split and utilized for product development, company expansion and intellectual capital etc

News and Trends

TurboHire Raises $2 Million In Pre-Series A Funding Round

The fund raised will be used for improving product automation and scaling up the revenue contribution from global markets

News and Trends

TurboHire Raises $2 Million In Pre-Series A Funding

The fund raised will be utilized to improve product automation and scale up revenue globally

Resumes & Interviewing

5 Hiring Strategies You Should be Using in a Labor Shortage

Improve your interview process to both find better matches for your company and draw in talent.

Science & Technology

How to Use AI to Streamline Your Recruitment Practices

Recruitment can be frustrating, even in normal circumstances.

Growing a Business

5 Steps to Take if You Want to Dominate Recruiting for Your Startup and Build a Powerhouse Team

By recognizing what you, your employees and your business can work on, you can create a company culture that gets its employees excited.


A Recruiter's Guide to Technology-Driven Remote Hiring

Here's how technical assessment tools and remote coding software can help organizations iron out their recruitment process and catapult their hiring efficiency to newfound heights


How To Leverage Virtual Recruitment Technology To Secure Top Graduate Talent

With many universities still running virtual courses due to the pandemic, recruiting companies will have to take an alternative approach with their hiring drives and go virtual


Blockchain in HR: A Disruptor?

If blockchain's capabilities are used to the fullest extent, it could completely transform the future of the industry

Growth Strategies

4 Prime Reasons Why Companies Should Retain an Executive Search Firm

The business of executive search has evolved globally

News and Trends

Chinese SaaS Startup Moka Nabs $27 Million in Series B Funding

The funding will be mainly used for talent introduction, product innovation and business development

Growth Strategies

Questions Every Candidate Should Ask in Every Job Interview

Raising the right queries gives you precise information about the organization and the role


How AI is Revolutionizing the Human Resource Functions

From hiring to employee engagement, artificial intelligence is transforming the way human resource department works


Capitalizing on LinkedIn for Recruitment

Keep tabs on the effectiveness/success periodically the HR strategy to make changes as and when required

Growth Strategies

Are You Capitalizing LinkedIn for Recruitment

Thanks to platforms like LinkedIn, the recruitment process is now more streamlined and simpler