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How To Leverage Virtual Recruitment Technology To Secure Top Graduate Talent With many universities still running virtual courses due to the pandemic, recruiting companies will have to take an alternative approach with their hiring drives and go virtual

By Sanjoe Jose

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact recruitment practices across industries, many companies are left without the opportunity to conduct the usual hiring drives that take place on university campuses. These multi-day events allow businesses to get their hands on the cream of the graduate crop from top engineering and management universities across the country, while giving students the opportunity to get a headstart on their careers. If you've run one of these events before, you know just how useful they are for filling demanding and skilled roles with high-performing candidates.

However, with many universities still running virtual courses due to the pandemic, recruiting companies will have to take an alternative approach with their hiring drives and go virtual. Here's how you can leverage online recruiting technology to secure the most talented graduates.

From Physical to Virtual

On-campus hiring events usually start with a screening round, where recruiters select the top students' resumes and enroll them in a skills-based exam. Those that pass the test will then often go on to take part in group-based tasks, and finally, move onto the interview stage. The entire process has been built on the basis of the physical presence of students and in-person interactions, so it's easy to see why some companies may struggle to envision the same outcomes being achieved virtually.

In fact, not only can you match the hiring outcomes of in-person drives—you can exceed them. With online recruitment tools, you can replicate this process in an entirely virtual environment, with even greater efficiency. How?

With a platform that includes automated resume screening and candidate registration, you can quickly see the best resumes and match them with the right roles. Online assessments tools with remote proctoring capabilities allow you to perform competency tests within the platform, to assess things such as numerical, logical, verbal, data interpretation, comprehension, coding, and communication skills. In addition, such tools allow you to conduct tests that assess aptitudes, cognitive abilities, and the cultural fit of candidates to help you assess important behavioral attributes.

When it comes to group discussions and one-on-one or panel interviews, these can be completed by a comprehensive video call tool. You can opt for recorded or live interviews depending on your needs, and streamline the process as multiple decision-makers can access recordings without having to be on the other end.

AI Can Help You Assess Soft Skills, Ensure Test Score Reliability, and Speed up Processes

AI is no stranger to recruitment—and it's proving its value when it comes to virtual hiring. In fact, a 2019 Gartner study found that of the organizations which were already using AI, 23 per cent were doing so in the HR and recruiting domain.

When conducting resume screening, AI-powered platforms can help you match up candidates with roles as the tool sifts through resumes and scores them on the basis of least to most qualified, enabling you to screen from a pool of candidates and see top-performers in record time.

A remote exam proctoring platform that leverages AI can prevent cheating and recognize applicants' identity, without the need for a human present. It does this by using facial recognition technology and sound detection to maintain integrity. This saves you on the time and money it would take for an invigilator to remotely monitor students during online exams.

AI can also be used during video interviews and discussions to offer objective insights into soft skills like the creative and critical thinking capabilities of the candidates. Some platforms using AI for video interviews can even recommend candidates for other roles that they didn't initially apply for by using historical data on the attributes of previous successful matches.

An Opportunity to Boost Your Brand Image

By inviting students to enter your hiring funnel through an advanced, end-to-end virtual recruitment tool, you not only get your hands on the top-performing students that are seeking employment right now—you also market yourself as an adaptive, tech-savvy and forward-thinking organization.

Demonstrating your commitment to technology solutions that drive efficiency and innovation will boost your image in the eyes of Gen Z, 73 per cent of whom see automation in the workplace as an opportunity, not a threat. Not to mention, Gen Z are naturally the most computer-versed generation, having used technology from a young age.

COVID-19 has forced all businesses to adapt in one way or another, but talented students seeking an innovative workplace will take note of your ability to strategize and overcome obstacles during a crisis.

Remote hiring offers numerous benefits and opportunities, which go much further than simply being able to take the process online. When you cut out the need for the travel and logistical arrangements that come with in-person hiring, you can save considerably on time and overhead costs, while AI gives you objective insights into the best matches for your roles. While the country's highest-performing students seek the right post-university job for them in the midst of a global pandemic, you can ensure you don't miss out by taking your on-campus hiring process completely online.

Sanjoe Jose

CEO and Co-founder of Talview

Sanjoe is passionate about building technologies that help make hiring faster and easier. Talview is working on cutting-edge AI technology that accelerates the speed of hiring since 2012. Sanjoe is also a well-known speaker in HR Technology, especially in using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based tools in building world-class teams in organizations. 
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