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Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages: When are They Worth Using?

Reverse mortgages let homeowners who are 62 years and older liquidate their home equity. That can be a convenient way to generate extra cash for retirees whose net worths are...

Nick Gallo

Retirement Planning Tips for the Self-Employed

For the self-employed, retirement planning can be a bit more complicated than for the rest of the population. They don’t have the benefit of an employer-sponsored plan and an HR...

Jordan Bishop

The 9 Best Businesses to Start Over 60

For those with the itch, starting a business over the age of 60 is entirely doable. Age can give many advantages, including experience and wisdom. Here are 9 retirement business...

Garit Boothe

Which Retirement Plan is Best for your Small Business?

A 2021 poll found that 59% of Americans don't believe they will ever save enough to retire. In fact, a 2020 PwC survey found that 25% of American adults have...

Matt Baisden

Young Workers Are Not Saving For Retirement, According to a New Report

New survey found that 45% of workers between 18 and 35 are waiting for a 'return to normal' before saving for their future.

Best Retirement Plans – Broken Down By Rankings

11, There was a time when workers could depend on an employee pension plan and Social Security to cover their retirement expenses. Nowadays, pensions are scarce. And, the future of...

John Rampton

How to Retire Early – The Definitive Guide

Have you dreamed of early retirement? How about the freedom it brings – financial and otherwise? It’s not just you who dreams of early retirement. In fact, since 1992, people...

John Rampton

What is a Comfortable Lifestyle in Retirement?

To retire comfortably, Americans say they will need $1.1 million. Unfortunately, less than one in four will have the savings to do so. According to the 2022 Schroders US Retirement...

Deanna Ritchie

3 of 10 Retirees Not Worried About Inflation on Their Savings

How worried are you about retirement inflation? You probably have a positive outlook about retiring comfortably if you’re in the majority of Americans. Those are the results of the 32nd...

John Rampton

The New Era of Alternative Asset Allocation: 33-33-33

With a surge of alternative investment opportunities now available, one new strategic approach has emerged.

Artem Milinchuk

Why You Should Use a Wealth Management Service

From access to a broad team of experts to tax benefits, why just about everyone can benefit from turning to investment advisory companies.

Aidan Sowa

6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Selling a Startup

Key points of reflection that will help determine if this is the right time to cash in on your business brainchild.

Jacob Dalton