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2024 Retirement Trends to Watch That Will Save You $1000/month

Many people aim to retire in the near future. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly. However, retirement plans are always confronted with challenges, whether it is market volatility, healthcare affordability, or...


The No. 1 State to Retire in Might Not Even Be on Your Radar, According to a New Report

The results are in — and for once, Florida isn't the winner.

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Managing Healthcare Costs in Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide

We all wish for those extra years, but what’s the point if we’re not taking care of ourselves? Without a solid healthcare plan, living longer might turn into a burden....

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This Retiree's 'No-Brainer' Side Hustle Makes More Than $1,000 a Month — and Is About to Grant Him Another Life-Changing Perk

The gig allows Larry Mack to meet new people and explore the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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The Vast Majority of Americans Want to Retire Some Day — But a Shocking Number Haven't Started Saving Yet

Some of the biggest roadblocks to saving come as no surprise.

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Invest in Real Estate with Your IRA or 401(k): A Comprehensive Guide

There are a lot of people looking to get into the real estate game. However, they have no idea where to start, so they don’t participate. And you can’t exactly...

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15 Tips for Retiring Early (SECRET)

There are many people who dream of retiring early. By leaving the workforce behind, you are able to spend your free time as you please. What is the best way...

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How to Leverage Your Small Business for a Comfortable Retirement

Retirement often feels like a far-off dream for busy entrepreneurs. You’re so focused on the day-to-day demands of running a business that planning for your eventual exit seems like a...

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Retiring Early: Unlocking Financial Freedom Sooner

If you, like so many young people today, are dreaming about the freedom and independence of the life of an early retiree, there are some questions you are probably asking...


How to Start Thinking About Retirement Before You Plan to Retire

When my husband told me he was planning to retire and was not worried about it, I wondered if I should be.

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Master the Art of Global Tipping Etiquette

Tipping is a well-known practice in many parts of the world for those working in the service sector, as it offers extra compensation for their efforts. However, there are particular...

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'Not Much Financial Education' — Yet Millennials Have Boomers and Gen X Beat When It Comes to Retirement Savings. Here's Why.

Millennials might own fewer homes and make less money — but they're on track for a better retirement.

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The Future of Retirement: Predictions and Trends

Traditionally, retirement has been viewed as a time for relaxing, enjoying the fruits of your labor, and taking a break from work. It is likely, however, that retirement will look...

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Some Retirees Are More Likely to Face This 'Life-Destroying' Event — Here's How to Keep Your Savings Safe No Matter What

About 55% of Americans believe they're behind on retirement savings, and some common curveballs can exacerbate the situation.

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10,000 Boomers Retire Every Day, and Social Security Won't Last. Will You Get Lucky or Be One of the 'Losers'? Find Out Here.

Americans on average have saved only 78% of the amount they'll need in retirement.