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Retirement Planning for Single Parents: Securing Your Financial Future

These days, single parents in the U.S. find it quite stressful to balance preparing for retirement with the responsibilities of raising kids. Yet, making practical retirement plans can alleviate some...

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The Buying Power of Social Security Was Downgraded by 36% – Here’s What it Means for You

For retirees, disability survivors, and people with disabilities, Social Security is a vital safety net. Nearly 67 million people, or around 1 in 5, receive Social Security benefits. According to...

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There's a Retirement Crisis on the Horizon — See How Your Savings Compare to the Rest of Your Generation's

Thirty percent of Americans believe they'll never be able to retire.

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Can You Afford to Retire? Here's How Much Americans Spend Daily in Retirement

Most Americans are still retiring around age 65.

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The Retirement Labyrinth: Navigating Challenges for Gen X and Y

For many, the road to retirement is paved with uncertainties. This is particularly true for Generations X and Y. Caught between the Boomer behemoth and the enigmatic Zoomers — these...

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'These People Didn't Do Anything Wrong,' But Their Standard of Living Might Plummet in Retirement — Here's Why

Most American workers feel behind where they think they should be on their retirement savings.

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Forge Your Own Fountain of Youth: Inside Bryan Johnson’s $10,000 Anti-Aging Home Gym

Let’s forget about snake oil and miracle cures. Bryan Johnson, an iconoclast from Silicon Valley who sold his company Braintree for $800 million, hacks his own biology through good old-fashioned...

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Crypto in Your Retirement Account: Cryptocurrency and Planning for Your Golden Years

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial planning, cryptocurrency represents a new frontier. The digital realm has begun to reshape investment landscapes, so it’s a good time to consider the potential...

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These Are the 5 Best States for an Affordable and Leisure-Filled Retirement, According to a New Report

More than half (56%) of American workers believe they're behind on saving for retirement.

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$1 Million Retirement Savings Won't Last 25 Years Anywhere in the U.S. — But It Will Go the Furthest in These 6 States

Retirees who want to make the most of their money might have to give up dreams of sunny California or Hawaii.

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2024 Retirement Trends to Watch That Will Save You $1000/month

Many people aim to retire in the near future. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly. However, retirement plans are always confronted with challenges, whether it is market volatility, healthcare affordability, or...


The No. 1 State to Retire in Might Not Even Be on Your Radar, According to a New Report

The results are in — and for once, Florida isn't the winner.

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Managing Healthcare Costs in Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide

We all wish for those extra years, but what’s the point if we’re not taking care of ourselves? Without a solid healthcare plan, living longer might turn into a burden....

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This Retiree's 'No-Brainer' Side Hustle Makes More Than $1,000 a Month — and Is About to Grant Him Another Life-Changing Perk

The gig allows Larry Mack to meet new people and explore the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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The Vast Majority of Americans Want to Retire Some Day — But a Shocking Number Haven't Started Saving Yet

Some of the biggest roadblocks to saving come as no surprise.