Chihuahua-sized robot dog developed

The little quadruped was designed by MangDans in collaboration with Stanford Pupper.

This biohacker is the real-life 'Nebula': she has more than 50 chips in her body and identifies as a cyborg

British transhumanist Lepht Anonym has implanted more than 50 cybernetic devices in her body to become a cyborg, just as Thanos transformed Nebula in the Marvel universe. And it is not the only one.

They clean iRobot vacuum shop with mop and the photo went viral. Here are the 5 sales and marketing lessons that he leaves us

An employee of an iRobot robot vacuum shop was caught mopping and now the brand faces a viral crisis that teaches us several marketing and sales lessons.

Mairem Del Río

XiaoIce robot users have ended up in therapy for falling in love with their Artificial Intelligence

XiaoIce "will never betray me, he will always be there," says a female user who needed psychological therapy after falling in love with her virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence.

Could This Robot Actually Be Your Marketing Writer?

A new artificial intelligence model called GPT-3 is spitting out content like nothing before.

Liz Brody

Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot with AI, is coming out in 2022 and has already been showered with memes!

During Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day, Elon Musk announced that in 2022 they will present the prototype of the humanoid robot Tesla Bot. Of course, netizens responded as they know best: with memes.

Boston Dynamics got their robots to do parkour: VIDEO

In case you did not see it, we show you the impressive images of these humanoids jumping and doing cartwheels.

VIDEO: Cassie, the first bipedal robot to run 5 kilometers in less than an hour

On a single battery charge Cassie completed a tour outside the walls of Oregon State University.

"Creepy" Video of Robots Dancing Causes Internet Frenzy -- And Even Elon Musk is Weighing In

A new video of a dancing robot by Boston Dynamics went viral on Twitter this week.

Emily Rella

Video: Boston Dynamics Robots Dance in Celebration of Hyundai's Majority Control

The South Korean company bought the majority of the robot maker's stake.