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Median Salary Growth Slightly Lower Than Last Year: Team Lease Report

However, over 41% of job profiles in various industries have just a 5% pay difference between permanent and temporary roles


How to Close Your Wage Gap and Open Equity at Work

Wage gaps aren't just a pay discrimination issue; they're an inclusive workforce issue.

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Despite Widespread Layoffs, the Tech Industry Still Dominates For the Highest Paying Internships

A new report found that of the 25 highest-paying internships, 16 were in the tech industry — with some offering over $9,000 a month.

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The Dark Side of Pay Transparency — And What to Do If You Find Out You're Being Underpaid

There are many reasons employers and workers advocate for pay transparency — it can build trust, lead to fair compensation for historically underpaid individuals and eliminate the stigma surrounding money talk. But as the practice becomes normalized, honesty can backfire.

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A Woman Is Going Viral For Applying to Her Same Role — After Her Company Listed the Position for $90,000 More Than Her Current Salary

She owes her discovery to a new NYC salary transparency law that requires companies to post salary ranges on job postings.


A 'Quiet Promotion' Will Cost You a Lot — Use This Expert's 4-Step Strategy to Avoid It

Ginni Saraswati, CEO and founder of podcast production house Ginni Media, reveals how to make sure you're not leaving any money on the table.


The Secret to Succeeding at Your New Job Isn't What You Think

It's easy to sacrifice your freedom and work-life balance in your first 90 days to make a good impression. However, setting boundaries from the get-go will ensure longevity and success at your new company.

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Have More Responsibilities at Work, But No Pay Bump? Use This Script to Get the Raise You Deserve.

Inflation's brutal — don't leave any money on the table.

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Salary Expectations Reach a Historic High — And The Increase Comes Mostly From This Demographic

According to a survey by the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the increase in salary expectations is the highest it's ever been since the series began.

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Highest Salary Hikes in 15 Years Fueled by Inflation and a Scarcity of Top Talent

A survey by Willis Towers Watson found that companies plan to boost salaries by 4.6% next year.


Having A Work-Life Balance is Nonsense. To Reach Your Goals, Follow Another Approach

There has been a lot of attention on the importance of a work-life balance in everyday life. But if you want outstanding results, you must neglect it and follow another approach.


To Recruit and Retain a Strong Team, Live the Culture You Talk About

Prioritize building and maintaining a genuinely inclusive company culture — or face the churn.

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Want to Make More Money? These Are the 10 U.S. Cities Where the Average Worker's Pay Has Increased the Most Since 2019.

Between 2019 and 2021, salaried workers — across all earnings levels — did see their incomes increase.

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'Ask For a Raise Now': Salaries Aren't Keeping Up With Inflation. Here's What to Do.

New surveys found that salary raises aren't going to match rapid inflation, forcing workers to face wage losses.