Amazon, Apple Employees Share a Surging Workplace Complaint That Can Overshadow Even the Biggest Salaries

A new analysis gives insight into the employee experience at some of the largest companies in the U.S.

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14 College Majors Where the Typical Graduate Is Making at Least $100,000 By the Middle of Their Careers

Here are 14 majors that led to having a median wage of at least $100,000 a year by age 35.


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5 Strategies for Dealing with High Employee Turnover

High turnover can also lead to decreased morale among remaining staff, inconsistency in service quality and, ultimately, a negative impact on the bottom line.

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How Much TikTok Pays Employees in the U.S., From Data Scientists to Software Engineers, According to Salary Data

TikTok also offers stock options to some of its U.S.-based employees as another source of compensation.

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Here's How Much Money U.S. Employees Will Sacrifice to Avoid Returning to the Office, According to a New Study

Ninety percent of U.S. workers don't want to be in the office five days a week.


5 Low-Stress Jobs With 6-Figure Salaries That Could Be Yours in 2024

They don't all require advanced degrees either.

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Employers Are Shrinking Salary Ranges on Job Postings After Pay Disclosures Backfire, According to a New Report

Small to medium-sized companies are readjusting their numbers to reset candidate expectations.

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Workers Who Earn This 6-Figure Salary Range Are the Most 'Annoyed' at Work. But Once They Pass It, Work Becomes More 'Enjoyable.'

More money doesn't necessarily equate to more happiness at work — until you reach a certain threshold.

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Microsoft's Salary Guidelines Were Leaked — Here's How Much New Employees Make

The data shows what salary looks like for new job offers.

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Is Payroll an Expense or an Investment in Your Business?

Profit creates growth opportunities, pay raises and promotions. When team members understand this, they work hard to do their part to contribute to the company's profit.