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Deepfake Scams Are Becoming So Sophisticated, They Could Start Impersonating Your Boss And Coworkers

Cybercriminals are increasingly using AI-driven voice simulation and deepfake video technology to deceive individuals and organizations.

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Arizona Takes Action Against Fraudulent Rehab Centers Exploiting Vulnerable Communities

Many Native individuals seeking help for substance abuse issues express disillusionment with residential facilities and clinics, which have failed to deliver on promises of sobriety and stability.

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'An Appalling Case': A Woman Raised Over $40,000 for Australian Wildfire Relief But Donated Less Than $15

As pressure from donors mounted, the woman came forward and admitted to spending the money on luxury items for herself.

Science & Technology

What Do Crypto and AI Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Have in Common? FOMO and Flimsy Due Diligence

A new wave of fraudulent investment schemes is coming — and it's powered by AI.

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A Man Was Just Charged for Scamming Home Depot Out of $300,000 — And a Popular, Customer-Friendly Policy Made It Easy

The scheme unfolded between June 2021 and June 2022 and spanned several stores in different states.

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Doctor's Office Receptionist Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $44,000 From Patients in Square Payment Scam

According to police, the receptionist stole from over 75 patients.

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A '30 Under 30' Recipient Was Indicted For Fraud — And He's Not the Only One. Here Are 5 Former Honorees Who Turned Out to Be Felons

From promising prodigies to notorious felons, these are the most infamous former "30 Under 30" honorees who went from celebrated entrepreneurs to convicted criminals.

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Beware of Getting Scammed — Here's How to Safeguard Your Business Against Predatory Lending

Following a few financing best practices can help you avoid predatory lending schemes and protect your business from harm.

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Los Angeles Man Indicted for Decade-Long Telemarketing Scam Defrauding Elderly Victims of Over $4.5 Million

The scammers allegedly posed as company reps offering advertising and related services to current and former timeshare owners.

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Stores Across the Country Hit With Wave of Bomb Threats From Scammers Demanding Bitcoin and Gift Cards

Law enforcement officials are investigating the recent threats.


Why In-Office Work Is The Real Threat to Cybersecurity

As organizations fret over the potential risks of remote work, new research suggests the real dangers lurk within the office itself. That's the finding from a groundbreaking study from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University.

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California Colleges Are Flooded With 'Ghost Students' Attempting to Steal Financial Aid

About 20% of applications for California community colleges are fraudulent, according to the State Chancellor's Office.

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A Wegmans Employee Allegedly Stole Over $500,000 from the Company

Alicia Torres pleaded guilty to crimes carried out over nine years while working at Wegmans in Webster, New York.