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Beware of Prime Scams This Holiday Season, Amazon Warns

Amazon is warning customers to look out for two kinds of scams as holiday shopping begins.

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DJ Envy Associate Arrested For 'Ponzi-Like' Scheme, Defrauding Investors Out of 'Millions'

Cesar Pina, a long-standing business associate of DJ Envy, was arrested for one count of wire fraud due to his alleged involvement in an investment fraud scheme worth millions of dollars.

Science & Technology

A Scammer Tried to Come For My Small Business — and Yours Could Be Next. Here's How to Protect Yourself.

Like you, I work hard to ensure my company runs smoothly and maintains a good reputation. But that can vanish in an instant if cybercriminals attack, impacting your reputation and bottom line — and someone recently tried to scam my company. Here's what I learned about protecting my business.

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'Bad Actor at the Hotel': Marriott Customer Warns Guests About a Scam They Think Could Be an Inside Job

The alleged victim has all of the communication in writing.

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Social Media Fraud Is On the Rise — And Even the Most Savvy Are Getting Scammed. Here Are the Most Common.

One in four individuals who reported being scammed since 2021 said it originated on social media, amounting to $2.7 billion in losses, per the FTC.

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Fake Property Manager Allegedly Defrauded Would-Be Renters Over $200,000

The real estate market is rough enough, and some scammers see it as a prime opportunity.

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Amazon Users Report Receiving Mysterious Gift Card Emails, Sparking Scam Worries

Amazon customers were puzzled when they received multiple unexpected gift card purchase confirmation emails for transactions they never made.

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I Won $37 Million in the Lottery. The Money Wrecked My Relationship With My Mom and I Got Scammed By My Best Friend.

"I hardly slept for two years because of the adrenaline — and all the phone calls."

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Deepfake Scams Are Becoming So Sophisticated, They Could Start Impersonating Your Boss And Coworkers

Cybercriminals are increasingly using AI-driven voice simulation and deepfake video technology to deceive individuals and organizations.

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Arizona Takes Action Against Fraudulent Rehab Centers Exploiting Vulnerable Communities

Many Native individuals seeking help for substance abuse issues express disillusionment with residential facilities and clinics, which have failed to deliver on promises of sobriety and stability.

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'An Appalling Case': A Woman Raised Over $40,000 for Australian Wildfire Relief But Donated Less Than $15

As pressure from donors mounted, the woman came forward and admitted to spending the money on luxury items for herself.

Money & Finance

What Do Crypto and AI Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Have in Common? FOMO and Flimsy Due Diligence

A new wave of fraudulent investment schemes is coming — and it's powered by AI.

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Is That a Golden Side Hustle Opportunity or a Get Rich Quick Scheme? Look Out for These 3 Common Lies.

Practical insights to help you weed out deceptive offers.

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A Man Was Just Charged for Scamming Home Depot Out of $300,000 — And a Popular, Customer-Friendly Policy Made It Easy

The scheme unfolded between June 2021 and June 2022 and spanned several stores in different states.

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Doctor's Office Receptionist Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $44,000 From Patients in Square Payment Scam

According to police, the receptionist stole from over 75 patients.