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Shopify's Finest Performance: Beyond the Balance Sheets

Shopify's BFCM 2023 success reflects its financial strength, strategic prowess, and global ambitions in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Chaos Monkey: la cruzada del CEO de Shopify por acabar con las juntas innecesarias

Cada junta de trabajo tiene un costo implícito que a veces ignoramos, así es como Kaz Nejatian ha tratado de eliminarlo al tiempo que hace a su equipo más productivo.

Growing a Business

How to Leverage the Power of ChatGPT and AI to Boost Your Shopify Store's Success

Learn the potential benefits of integrating ChatGPT and AI into your Shopify store. This article also provides guidance on implementing ChatGPT and AI effectively to succeed in the Shopify environment.

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Entrepreneurs Are Driving the Most Economic Growth In These 10 U.S. States, According to Shopify Internal Data

A recent report found that Delaware, Wyoming, and California were leading in entrepreneurial contributions to their local economies in 2022.

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How to Start an eCommerce Business Step By Step

The 'Ultimate Guide To Shopify' is an all-in-one resource to help you start and run your own online business.

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Shopify Is Bringing in the Retail Giants. Here's What You Can Learn From the Company's Latest Move.

Shopify's new capabilities mean the landscape of retail is set to change — and other businesses could learn a few things from the company.


The 4 Marketing Strategies Your Shopify Store Needs to Drive Traffic

A successful Shopify store is built on a solid marketing strategy. Read on if you want to discover the secrets of Shopify marketing.


Free Webinar | January 18: How to Quickly Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

In this free webinar, discover the strategies you need to know to build a lucrative e-commerce business with industry expert Andrew Maffettone.

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¿Un mundo sin juntas de trabajo? Shopify hará la prueba de cancelarlas durante dos semanas

La medida busca darles a los empleados más tiempo para hacer su trabajo y hacerlos conscientes de los peligros que implica el exceso de juntas.

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Shopify Is Canceling Meetings For Two Weeks As a Test

They can decide whether or not to reschedule after a "two-week cooling off period."

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The 9 Essential Pages Your Ecommerce Website Must Include

The best tips for maximizing engagement and keeping users on your business website.

Science & Technology

The Key Benefits of Using Shopify for Your Business

Ecommerce solutions such as Shopify make it easy for customers to engage with your online business.

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How One Woman Turned Her Family Jewelry Business Into An Internet Sensation

Alexis Jae's family had been in the jewelry business for over 75 years. Noticing potential in ecommerce, Jae took it upon herself to build a brand that reached a wider audience and has thrived ever since.

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Want To Grow Your Ecommerce Brand? Take Advice From This Industry Expert.

The Ultimate Guide To Shopify has all the tools you need to start and grow your own online business.

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Shopify Reportedly Appoints 'Channel Champions' and Shuts Down Slack Channels When Conversations Get Heated

Research shows keeping a closer eye on employees doesn't make them happier or more productive.