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Watch What You Say Around Your TV, Samsung Warns

To be fair, the company -- and George Orwell -- did warn us.

Carly Okyle

Next Plan for Google Glass? Start Over.

Google's next gen face computer reportedly won't relaunch until it's perfect.

Your Baby Is Going High-Tech

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, several companies revealed tech for your infant.

Emily Price

Smart Devices Are the Cause of Distracted Driving -- But They're Also the Solution

Car companies are unveiling products that can help minimize driving distractions and maximize utility.

Chris Morris

Your Snowboard Is About to Get Smarter

The XON SNOW-1 bindings connect to your iOS or Android operating system to provide powerful data about your latest run.

Emily Price

Nvidia Just Unveiled a Super Smart Chip for Cars

The Tegra X1 will be available in early 2015, helping drivers detect and read road signs, detect breaking vehicles and more.


Lighting That Adjusts as You Watch TV? It's Happening.

The SyFy channel has teamed up with Philips Hue light bulbs to offer TV watchers a more immersive experience that involves changing the color and brightness of the lights in their living rooms.

Carly Okyle

Feeling Frazzled? This Wearable Gadget Can Help Keep Your Stress in Check.

Spire is a clip-on device that sort of looks like a rock but monitors your fluctuating levels of stress.

Here's a Dog Collar That Lets Humans Train Man's Best Friend From Anywhere

If you had this gadget on your pup, you could be keeping tabs on and talking to him right now, no matter how far apart you are.

10 Gadgets That Make Awesome Holiday Gifts

Not sure what tech gifts to buy for the holidays? No worries. We have you covered.

Emily Price

What Consumers Want -- and Don't Want -- From the Internet of Things (Infographic)

As more and more connected smart devices pour into the market, here's what we hope for and dread.

Carly Okyle

Bat-Like Technology Is Giving the 'White Cane' a Much-Deserved Upgrade

These ‘smart' canes use high-tech echolocation to help the visually impaired get around even better.