Here's How You can Control your Home From Your Phone A start-up is making a diverse range of home automation products, which makes your existing appliances intelligent and energy-efficient

By Nidhi Singh

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Just like any other new technology, smart homes are attracting more consumers in urban cities. People have started acknowledging the role of technology in designing energy-efficient homes. Smart home means using technology in a house to facilitate automation.

Companies like Samsung and Amazon have already entered the segment with their devices that work with smartphones to keep your home connected and help you control and monitor it while you are away.

These devices might be a bit of a pocket pinch, but automation can actually make your life easy and save a lot of money.

However, a couple of Indian start-ups are offering devices at budget prices.

Control, Monitor Home Appliances On the Go

Mumbai-based Picostone has a young team comprising professionals from diverse fields, working on a mission to automate every home in India.

Apart from designing some user-friendly products, the start-up is trying to create an ecosystem with some really great hardware, software, and artificial intelligence systems to give customers the best automation experience. The products and technologies are designed and developed in India, promoting "Make in India' initiative.

Founded by Virang Jhaveri and Niket Sarvaiya, the start-up will help you keep a tab on your home through an app even from a different geographical location. Just install the hardware and you can control your lights, fans and air conditioners through an app.

Improve Home-management:

Another start-up, Oakter, manufactures a diverse range of home automation products, which makes your existing appliances intelligent and energy-efficient. They create an ecosystem that makes your existing appliances intelligent.

Their mission is to enrich their portfolio regularly with new products that are compatible with Oakter's smart home hub (a device essential for home automation setup) and app so that users can get a better experience. The Noida-based start-up was founded by the trio — Shishir K Gupta, Nithin K David and Varun Gupta — in 2014.

Affordable Home Automation Solution

Backed and funded by IIT Guwahati, Delhi-based Cubical Labs is providing high quality, reliable and affordable solution to control or monitor electrical appliances remotely, with minimal human effort.

It is making intelligent homes and promoting the concept of smart living by intelligently combining the services of software, hardware and data. Along with households, the start-up is currently focusing on hotels and office spaces. Founded by Dhruv Ratra, Swati Vyas, and Rahul Bhatnagar in 2013, the IoT start-up has established a wide network of distributors and dealers in 14 cities across five states in India. The company is planning to expand in a few south-east Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

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