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Health & Wellness

Protect Your Eyes From the Harm of Digital Devices With These 4 Tips

Evidence shows that extended exposure to the blue light from screens is causing our eyes to age prematurely.

Science & Technology

How This Light Bulb Makes It Easier for You to Stream Music

Astro, a New York City home automation startup, just put a bright, new musical Twist on 'smart' bulb tech.

Business News

Why Amazon's Voice-Activated Speaker 'Echo' Isn't Worth Your Time or Money

The device officially goes on sale to the masses today. And... yawn.


These New Earbuds Let You Adjust the Volume of Everything Around You

Doppler Labs' new invention can help you turn down the volume of a concert in real time.

Data & Recovery

Samsung Announces Artik, a New Platform to Advance Its Open 'Internet of Things' Plan

The tech giant says its new chips will be able to help entrepreneurs create IoT devices much faster than they would be able to do on their own.

Science & Technology

Why This Hearing Device Is Making Noise With Investors

An earpiece for noisy situations raises millions


This Well-Known Luggage Maker Wants to Make Your Bag Smart

Through a partnership with Samsung, Samsonite is developing a line of microchip-enabled bags that will track their own location and send updates to travelers via smartphone.

Data & Recovery

Crowdfunded Smart Home Device Canary Lands at Big-Name Stores

Canary has officially completed the journey from crowdfunding platform to mainstream retailers.


Can You Guess the 'Smartest' City in the World?

By 'smartest,' we mean most digitally connected and efficient.


Watch What You Say Around Your TV, Samsung Warns

To be fair, the company -- and George Orwell -- did warn us.


Next Plan for Google Glass? Start Over.

Google's next gen face computer reportedly won't relaunch until it's perfect.


Your Baby Is Going High-Tech

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, several companies revealed tech for your infant.

Business News

Smart Devices Are the Cause of Distracted Driving -- But They're Also the Solution

Car companies are unveiling products that can help minimize driving distractions and maximize utility.

Science & Technology

Your Snowboard Is About to Get Smarter

The XON SNOW-1 bindings connect to your iOS or Android operating system to provide powerful data about your latest run.

Business News

Nvidia Just Unveiled a Super Smart Chip for Cars

The Tegra X1 will be available in early 2015, helping drivers detect and read road signs, detect breaking vehicles and more.