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Startup Basics

Work-Life Balance

On Being a Startup CEO and a Dad

Every decision the CEO of startup makes has an impact on his home life.
Startup Basics

3 Big Company Practices That Work for Any Startup

Big companies were once startups, too and they got big by doing a lot of things right.

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Million-Dollar Mistakes

Understand stock options and equity in order to maximize their potential and minimize mistakes.
Take It From The Pros

Make Users Feel Like One-in-a-Million at Every Stage of the Funnel

Your product might be great for anybody, but to grow your business you need to prove it with personalized attention.
Business Name

The Embarrassing Acronym of an Exalted Law School Name Provides a Funny Branding Lesson

Before you skimp on hiring a branding pro, consider George Mason University's bungled attempt to honor the late Antonin Scalia.
Startup Financing

Startup Capital: 6 Ways To Fund Your Businesses

Securing funding and capital for a startup will keep a new business operating for longer periods.
Inspiring Your Team

Seeking Silver Bullets Sets Up Companies to Fail

Drop the quick fix mentality and adopt this one simple system to minimize mistakes and ensure success.

What An Accelerator Taught Me That I Could Not Have Learned at Google

eing a part of an accelerator will teach you core principles for running a startup.
Project Grow

'Hey, Dummy. Right Here. Right In Front of You!' Said My Calling in Life as I Made a Dirty Martini

My entrepreneurial niche involved something I did over and over every day as a bartender.

Bootstrapping Is Much More Fun Than Investors

Bootstrapping does require a full confidence in your own passion with no investors to lean on or blame. But isn't that why you signed up to be an entrepreneur in the first place?
Entrepreneur Network

Don't Have Money to Pay Employees? You Can Still Build Up a Great Team.

Business guru Evan Carmichael says you don't need cash to get the help you need for your startup.
Startup Basics

You Can't Control Speed at Scale

Managing the sequence of activities keeps focus on producing the right things first.
Starting a Business

How to Start a Business With (Almost) No Money

Don't overlook three options you have when starting on a shoestring.
Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy Is Offering to Fill to Your Tech Support Needs

A growing number of companies are offering just-in-time tech support for companies that can't afford full time techies but need help quickly.
Take It From The Pros

For Startups, Five Figures Is Nothing to Sneeze At. Here's How to Go From $0 to $10,000 in 5 Months.

Evan Carmichael explains how dead-broke startup entrepreneurs can quickly generate substantial income.