Startup Basics - Page: 8

What to do When You so Want a Vacation But Cannot Avail?

Sometimes a vacation is easier said than done but if you indulge in self-pampering or opt for a hobby, you are likely to feel as if you are off the hamster wheel

Sania Gupta

Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Startup

Clear understanding of the problem being addressed through the venture is vital, says Bosch India's head of Start Up Innovation

Pooja Singh

How FOMO Dictates Startup Funding

Fear of missing out is a major factor in deciding how quickly (and to what extent) startups receive funding

Vaibhav Joshi

Making The Leap: Three Tips On Moving From Being An Employee To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Leaving behind a successful career and jumping into the unknown world of startups is never easy.

Faraz Khan

Becoming a Brand: Here's How to Market Your Startup Well Before You Launch.

If you build it, they will (probably not) come. What you have to do well in advice, to market your entrepreneurial field of dreams.

Peter Daisyme

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Setting a Start-Up

The product message and what needs it is going to fulfill should be loud and clear.

Sania Gupta

These 3 Levels of Trust Will Make or Break Your Business.

Creating a virtuous circle of trust in your business and with future franchisees can be a practical process of clear steps.

What I Learned by Starting My Business on the Isle of Man

The tiny U.K. island is not exactly a global business hub.

Simon Powell

Stop Waiting; There Is No 'Right' Time to Start Your Business

Keep growing, learning and moving forward. You can't be great if you don't commit to the first step.

Sean Flood

Obstacles Every Start-up Needs to Overcome to be Successful

From Ideas to implementation we can progress just by using these small Ideas

Rushabh Vora

Why Your Business Beliefs Are More Important Than Your Business Plan

Your business plan will change. Your business beliefs should lead you to long-term success.

Bedros Keuilian

Why Entrepreneurs Always Need to Have a Plan B

Plan B should be with regards to strategy and execution approach and not like 'If my idea doesn't work I will look for a job, start a new business etc.'

Nidhi Singh