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Hospitality Tech Startup Blueground Looks To Capitalize On Dubai's Business Travel Market

blueground uses technology to connect executives, expats, and other travelers with fully furnished apartments for mid- to long-term stays.

Thought Leaders

VCs Ask Men About the Future and Women About Failure, New Study Finds

That affects how much money they ultimately raised. But here's a strategy to fight back.


What Is a Family Office and How Can It Help You Fund Your Business?

Many entrepreneurs have never heard of a "family office," but this type of funding source could be just what you're looking for.


Saudi Arabia PIF-backed SoftBank Vision Fund Closes US$93 Billion In Funding

Besides SoftBank Group and Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund Public Investment Fund (PIF), UAE's Mubadala Investment Company, Apple Inc., Foxconn, Qualcomm, and Sharp Corporation are the other high-profile backers


UAE-Based Interior Design Startup Interact Group Raises US$3 Million Funding

As momentum picks up in the UAE's hospitality sector, Interact Group plans to utilize the finances in consolidating its Dubai business, and expanding its services to other regions.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Startup Capital

Give your business idea its best chance to grow without risking your personal finances.


Infographic: MAGNiTT's Funding Report Card For Q1-2017

The region's startup ecosystem has seen a "moderate and steady" start to the year 2017 with US$36 million raised in the first quarter comprising of 35 deals.


The 7 Businesses Venture Capitalists Are Really Interested In

VCs fill us in on the sectors likely to score major financing in the months and years ahead.


How to Finance a New Business by Rolling Over Your Retirement Funds

There may be a safe way to use your retirement savings to fund your new business. Get the skinny here.


UAE Renewable Energy Startup Enerwhere Raises AED1 Million Loan Via Crowdfunding

In January 2017, Enerwhere raised a corporate loan of AED1 million from regional peer-to-peer lending platform Beehive.


Expert Tips for Not Blowing an Investor Interview From 7 of the Top VCs on the Planet

You can't afford obvious mistakes. Investors are looking for reasons why they shouldn't risk money on your company.


Landing Financing Without Taking on Debt or Giving Away Equity

If you haven't heard of royalty financing, now may be the time to study up and land that startup funding you need.

Buying / Investing in Business

7 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About the State of Venture Capital

Software, life sciences and biotech are among the industries getting the most love.

Money & Finance

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About the Fed's Rate Rise

How the financial web will help small business owners ahead of the increase.


The Truth About Working With Asian Investors

Understand the opportunities and considerations for emerging companies seeking funding and strategic partnership from Asian investors.