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The Biggest Mistake Brands Make With Storytelling — and How to Do It Right

The biggest mistake in brand storytelling is believing the story is all about the brand. Telling the right brand story leads to marketing resonance.


3 Timeless Elements of Storytelling That Will Grow Your Business

Stories aren't just for kids, they're how our brains remember and communicate information effectively — but if you want to tell effective stories that help your business grow, they need these three key elements.


Is Your Marketing Boring People to Death? Here Are 5 Ways to Change That

Are your marketing efforts not getting you the results you want? If so, it might be time to step back and reassess your actions.


How to Craft the Perfect Recipe for Persuasive Storytelling in Your Presentations

Slideshows can easily be the bane of employees' workdays. But, if you know how to give an excellent presentation, your colleagues can walk away with actionable insights that will improve your bottom line.

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Ava DuVernay Built a Safety Net In Case "Hollywood Kicks Me Out"

The filmmaker started independent film distribution company ARRAY so she'd always have a "liberated territory" where she could tell stories she cared about.


How to Use Storytelling to Increases Customer Engagement

Authentic stories connect with their audiences emotionally and intensely. More than most other marketing strategies, they engage consumers and maintain customer loyalty over the long term.


Tapioca, grafitis, creatividad y rebeldía: los ingredientes del éxito de Cassava Roots

Patricio Lombardo, el creador de la tienda de bubble tea más exitosa de México, nos revela el largo camino para idear una marca irresistible sustentada en el storytelling, antes de que se hablara de él.

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Telling Your Brand Story Is Crucial. 4 Steps To Ensure That It Resonates.

Your founding story is important, but the way you share it can make -- or break -- the image of your company. Here are four ways to ensure it translates in a way that resonates.


Orange Comet y Barry Sonnenfeld 'revivirán' la cinta "Dinosaurios vs. Aliens" en formato NFT

La empresa Orange Comet pretende incorporar el storytelling a los NFT's y crear una nueva manera de narrar historias para promocionar películas, series y videojuegos.

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This Founder Went to Prison When He Was 15 Years Old. That's Where He Came Up With the Idea for a Company Now Backed By John Legend.

Three of the most important lessons Marcus Bullock has learned from building Flikshop.


Santo vs. Demogorgon: la campaña de Netflix y Sabritas que rinde tributo a la lucha libre en México

La habilidad de contar historias es fundamental para promocionar tu marca. Chécate lo que hizo Sabritas con un monstruo de Stranger Things y el más grande icono de la lucha libre en México.


How to Innovate Your Brand Through Visual Thinking

In a world where we're bombarded with information on all sides, using images and visuals to convey ideas is an effective way to cut through the noise and connect with consumers.


5 Steps to Craft a Story That Hooks Your Audience Every Time

Still slapping a bunch of facts and figures into your copy? Try wrapping your core message into a story that will breathe life into your brand while simultaneously capturing your audience's attention (and wallets).

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Harness the Power of Storytelling to Transform Your Business for the Better

Strategic storytelling will build brand loyalty, provide a better customer experience and power an evolution in your company.

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This Secret Weapon Will Convince Investors to Fund Your Startup

It's a silver bullet of success that will help you nail your pitch presentation every time.