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This Is the Secret Weapon That No Competitor Can Take From You

This tool that costs no money and you can build it in a few days.

Do You Want to Make an Impact With Stories? Choose Good Metaphors.

For thousands of years, metaphors have helped make the most complex ideas available to everyone.

The Power of Empathic Storytelling: How to Make Your Customer the Hero of Your Story

Insights from leading health and wellness executives on how to elicit emotions and inspire your audience to take action.

Louis Camassa

Storytelling Can Dramatically Change Your Business

Learn how entrepreneurs can use filmmaking as a tool for dramatic growth.

Ian Khan

3 Brand Story Frameworks to Grow Your Business

Attract customers on repeat through the power of storytelling.

Werner Griesel

Why Storytelling Is a Skill that Every Entrepreneur Should Practice

In a world full of aggressive marketing, storytelling may be the one device that captures people's attention for more than just a few seconds. Read on for tips and tricks to doing it well.

Simon Moser

The Story that Will Bring Us the First Post-Covid Tourist

Despite the dire situation of world tourism, some companies are beginning to fine-tune their commercial storytelling.

How Your Origin Story Connects You with Your Audience

Plus three ways your origin story shows your audience that you care.

Jilliane Yawney

Storytelling for the vaccine: the story that can save your life

Up to 50% of the population say they would not get the COVID vaccine. A theory explains this paradox and storytelling plays an essential role in it.

Storytelling Total: The Story of Companies That Survive in Time

Companies that don't value relationships deserve bad stories from their employees.

Storytelling vs. Uncertainty: How 'Scenario Planning' Will Help You Decide in the Future

Scenario narrative helps us make complex decisions in the present based on plausible stories about the future.