Cómo aprovechar el poder del storytelling para convertirte en un líder más efectivo e inspirador

El storytelling mejora el liderazgo empresarial al inspirar una cultura de autenticidad y confianza mediante el intercambio de historias personales relevantes.


How to Harness the Power of Authentic Storytelling to Become a More Effective and Inspiring Leader

Storytelling enhances business leadership by inspiring a culture of authenticity and trust through sharing relevant personal stories.


This Is the Framework You Need to Create a Brand Worth Your Customers' Loyalty and Make More Money Doing It

The first impression your customers will get of your business in this day and age is your website — so it needs to be created with intent. Here's how to use compelling storytelling on your website and one specific framework to capture their attention.

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Try This Super-Busy Restaurateur's Recipe for Preventing Personal Burnout

Lien Ta, of the restaurants Here's Looking At You and All Day Baby, discusses ways to bring new business and new energy to your establishment.


3 señales de que tu marca no está contando una historia ganadora (y cómo arreglar las cosas)

Desde el marketing hasta las declaraciones de misión, estas son las herramientas y técnicas que necesitas para cambiar tu narrativa.


Domina el escenario: 7 formas probadas de destacar como conferencista

Cómo destacar en una industria saturada y hacer que tu voz sea escuchada.

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Master the Stage — 7 Proven Ways to Stand Out As a Public Speaker

How to rise above within a saturated industry and have your voice be heard.

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There Was No Twitch or OnlyFans for Chefs. Then the Founders of Kittch Cooked Up a Great Idea.

Kittch CEO Brian Bedol discusses monetizing food content and innovative digital storytelling in the culinary world.


Los introvertidos que utilizan esta arma secreta pueden ser más poderosos que los extrovertidos en el lugar de trabajo

Frecuentemente, los colegas menos extrovertidos son malentendidos y subestimados, pero su talento para una cosa en particular los prepara para el éxito.


Introverts Who Use This Secret Weapon Can Be More Powerful Than Extroverts in the Workplace

Less extroverted colleagues are often misunderstood and underestimated — but their talent for one thing in particular sets them up for success.


Want to Improve Your Brand's Storytelling? Shift Your POV to Tell a Better Narrative. Here's How.

In a crowded digital media environment of voluntary engagement, brand storytelling isn't enough to grab attention. You must approach the story from the right perspective — your customer's.

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How a Single Talk Can Boost Your Business Tenfold

Ashley Stahl on the art of developing and sharing compelling stories.


Yes, You Can Use AI for Marketing. But Don't Forget About the Benefit of Human Touch.

Artificial intelligence might have changed the rules, but the game's essentials are the same: Let new tools amplify your voice and target better — just ensure that it's always your unique and personal story they're telling.

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Zack Oates of Ovation on Building Business Connections through Digital Storytelling

Interview with Ovation's Zack Oates about real-time guest feedback, creating loyalty through relationships, and digital storytelling that connects.

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Don't Give a Sales Pitch to a Journalist — Tell Them Your Story. Here's Why.

Most entrepreneurs are driven to sell their product or service in all conversations, but don't try doing that when speaking with reporters.