3 Brand Story Frameworks to Grow Your Business

Attract customers on repeat through the power of storytelling.

Werner Griesel

· 6 min read

Why Storytelling Is a Skill that Every Entrepreneur Should Practice

In a world full of aggressive marketing, storytelling may be the one device that captures people's attention for more than just a few seconds. Read on for tips and tricks to doing it well.

Simon Moser

· 6 min read

The Story that Will Bring Us the First Post-Covid Tourist

Despite the dire situation of world tourism, some companies are beginning to fine-tune their commercial storytelling.

Mario Sorribas Fierro

· 8 min read

Free Webinar | Feb. 11: Smart Storytelling for Impactful Marketing

Join Julian Mitchell, Founder of IQ Labs Inc., to learn the art of strong brand building through impactful storytelling.

· 2 min read

How Your Origin Story Connects You with Your Audience

Plus three ways your origin story shows your audience that you care.

Jilliane Yawney

· 4 min read

Storytelling for the vaccine: the story that can save your life

Up to 50% of the population say they would not get the COVID vaccine. A theory explains this paradox and storytelling plays an essential role in it.

Mario Sorribas Fierro

· 10 min read

Storytelling Total: The Story of Companies That Survive in Time

Companies that don't value relationships deserve bad stories from their employees.

Mario Sorribas Fierro

· 8 min read

Storytelling vs. Uncertainty: How 'Scenario Planning' Will Help You Decide in the Future

Scenario narrative helps us make complex decisions in the present based on plausible stories about the future.

Mario Sorribas Fierro

· 8 min read

Stories Are Entrepreneurs' Most Powerful Tool. But What Ingredient Gives Them Power?

Most of our greatest lessons are learned when life throws us a curve ball.

Neil Gordon

· 15+ min read

Do Not Digitize the Story of Your Company Anymore: Humanize It!

Business stories are more effective if they focus on the feelings of the users and not on the benefits of the products.

Mario Sorribas Fierro

· 8 min read

The Reason Good Businesses Tell Boring Stories

Respecting the distinction between a story and a narrative can help you connect with high-value clients, spend more wisely on advertising and attract investors.

John Garvey

· 5 min read