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A realm full of opportunity and test

Among the countries considered to be hotbeds for startups, India consistently makes the top ten; much of it has to do with the policy-making and cultural shifts the country has gone through to advertise itself as startup-friendly.

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How Crypto Industry is Embracing Tax Compliance

Though initially disappointed with the government on imposition of high tax on income on virtual digital assets, the crypto industry is seen to be coming to terms with it and is partnering with various tax platforms in order to improve crypto tax compliance in the country.

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Crypto Tax Platform KoinX Partners With ClearTax

The partnership between ClearTax and KoinX will greatly enhance the efficiency of report filing and facilitate the navigation of complex crypto tax calculations for users

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CoinDCX Joins Hand with KoinX for Simplifying Taxation for Users

KoinX will be providing its comprehensive tax reports, automated crypto tax calculation and portfolio insights to CoinDCX's users at a nominal fee

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Cleartax to Offer Crypto Taxation Solutions for Users

Cryptotax will not only provide users with offsetting of losses but will also manage GST and TDS on crypto transactions.

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Crypto Taxation Platform TaxNodes Raises $1.6 Million In Seed Funding

The company intends to utilize the funds to bolster its mission of simplifying tax computation, and providing end-to-end solutions for individuals navigating the complexities of crypto taxation

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DPIIT Brings Startup Taxation Issue to FinMin

Post the amendments proposed in the Finance Bill, concerns have been raised over the calculation method of fair market value (FMV) under two distinct laws.

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WazirX And Taxnodes Join Hands To Simplify Crypto Taxation Process

With this partnership, TaxNodes will help the vast user base of WazirX to calculate and file taxes on their investments accurately and make them aware of tax developments in the virtual digital asset industry


GST On Online Gaming: the Golden Goose Egg?

This industry undoubtedly requires pro-active, progressive and equitable tax measures from the government

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Bharat Web3 Association Seeks Relief from High Taxes

A meeting has been scheduled for the representatives of Bharat Web3 Association (BWA) and the finance ministry, particularly Central Board of Direct Taxes for next week

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GoM To Submit Report On Online Gaming Taxation

The sources also said that the GST council is likely meet during the end of this month or by early September to discuss about the report by GoM

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How has GST Revolutionised India's Economy

GST has been a great attempt by the government to formulate a robust taxation system to protect the rights of 1.35 billion Indians against the likely inflation due to the implementation of GST


Is Angel Tax Relief a Boon for the Indian Startup Ecosystem?

Suresh Prabhu, the Minister for Commerce and Industry, recently announced this relaxation broadening the definition of a startup by extending the tenure of existence from 7 to 10 years


Why Angel Tax Will Continue To Haunt Entrepreneurs?

The stakeholders of the startup ecosystem in India desperately want the angel tax regime to be abolished

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Zooming in 2018 for a Healthier Panorama

Each year as India makes a new population landmark, we need to introspect on the aspect of fewer beds, doctors, nurses and infrastructure