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Sound Off: Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5

You can control your audio experience with Beosound A5 using its sleek user interface, or directly from the Bang & Olufsen App.


5G: Is India Making a Mistake By Not Allowing Private Ownership Of Spectrum?

Private 5G networks can augment existing capabilities and introduce new possibilities that other systems are not able to support

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How to Overcome the Shortage of Tech Talent in the US

While hiring tech talent locally is challenging and expensive, there is an increasing number of service providers that make Latin American tech talent accessible to US companies.

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How to Future-Proof Your Career in Tech

As the technology industry continues to evolve rapidly and big tech players are shedding thousands of workers, it's more important than ever for tech professionals to stay current in their skills and continue personal development to remain competitive in the job market.

Science & Technology

Blockchain Technology: Overhyped or Underused? Here's What You Should Know.

Will blockchain once and for all prove not very useful in the enterprise?

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Infosys Warns Employees Against Moonlighting

The company stated that any violation will lead to disciplinary action that could include termination of employment

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Tech Mahindra's Profit Up By 39% In Q4

The profit after tax stood at INR 1,506 crore during the period under review compared with INR 1,081 crore in the year-ago period


Meet The Finalists Of Dubai Startup Hub's Smartpreneur Competition 6.0: Manhat

"Our inspiration is the natural water cycle in geographical locations where water availability never requires human interference."

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This Is What You Should Know About AI's Impending Power

AI enormously benefits a range of industries, but responsible development of the technology is also important.

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Directorial Disputes: Unresolved Questions On Remedies And Jurisdiction

Giving every slighted director the power to bring a company to its knees by initiating oppression and mismanagement proceedings arising out of an acrimonious separation may result in the abuse of this plenary provision under the Companies Act


You Use These Apps Everyday, But Do You Know Their Parent Companies?

Everyday we use dozens of apps and trust it with our personal information. However, in most cases we do not the parent company

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Tech Company Trillion-Dollar Valuations Crumble

On March 23, only Microsoft still had the symbolic $1 trillion-plus market capitalization after the COVID-19 crisis killed off billions in tech-company value. (Apple's back too, for now.)

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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The New Country Manager of Google India

Former Star and Disney's head Sanjay Gupta will take up the role of Country Manager early next year and will be working closely with teams-based in Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Bengaluru

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The Top 5 Companies to Work For in China

Fast-growing tech companies are a hot favourite among millennials


The Genderless Voice Assistant 'Q' Needs Your Help

This message is for all the tech companies including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google