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Kerala Set To Become Nerve Center Of AI In India: Pinarayi Vijayan

AI integration into all key sectors including tourism, education, healthcare, IT, and renewable energy will be seen

Growing a Business

Follow These 7 Business Strategies to Future-Proof Your Business

Innovation is essential to success. Follow these effective strategies to ensure your organization remains competitive and becomes a leader in the field.

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Amazon Shares Good News For AI startups With AWS

Amazon has declared that it will provide $230 million to support companies in artificial intelligence (AI). The investment would be made in the form of Amazon Web Service (AWS) credits, the e-commerce company confirmed.


Tech Overload Will Destroy Your Customer Relationships. Are You Guilty of Using Too Much Tech?

Technology's value in our world is undeniable. However, there can be a point where it is ineffective and possibly counterproductive. See where it can negatively impact your product, brand, and business.

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Google Now Points Out Official Government Apps on Play Store

According to the tech behemoth, the change lets users determine whether the app they are viewing is authentic or not.


7 Ways You Can Use AI to 10x Your Leadership Skills

While technology can boost individual efficiency and effectiveness, it's essential to balance their use with human intuition and creativity to avoid losing personal connection and to optimize workplace satisfaction.


How an Eminent Technology Leader is Helping Digital Transformation in Banking, Finance, and Telecom

The entire business world is gradually waking up to the disruptive potential of digitization. Naga Simhadri Apparao Polireddi, a noted expert in the field of AI/ML technologies, has taken a lead role in driving digital transformation initiatives across the banking, finance, and telecom sectors.

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All About Windows Copilot: The Everyday AI Companion

Thanks to Copilot, document summarization is now formally included in Windows.


Saudi Arabia-Based Beta Lab Launches The 2024 DeepTech Startups Program

Through strategic partnerships and a keen focus on the future of technology, the 2024 DeepTech Startups Program is expected to nurture talent and foster innovation within the Kingdom.


Microsoft To Fix The 'Missing-link' And Upscale Technologies With DirectSR

DirectSR, according to the tech giant, is the "missing link" between games and several super-resolution solutions. It was developed in collaboration with AMD and Intel.


Apple's Vision Pro To Assist In Surgery, Aircraft Repair And Education

Apple company executives Mike Rockwell and Alan Dye shed light on the development and future applications of the highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, set to launch on February 2.

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How Web 3.0 is Shaping the Next Digital Frontier

Web 3.0, the anticipated next phase of the Internet, presents opportunities and challenges for investors and entrepreneurs.

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Tech-Savvy or Not, Here's Why Businesses Must Embrace Automation Now

AI is the servant — not the master — when it comes to future-proofing small and medium-sized businesses against inevitable change.

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6 Ways to Use Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand in 2024

Whether launching your brand or wanting to refresh your strategy in the first quarter, here are six ways to make social media work for you.


Elon Musk's Starlink Initiates 'Direct-to-Cell' Satellite Connectivity

SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, has initiated a new project in 2024 with the launch of the initial set of Starlink internet satellites aboard the Falcon 9 spacecraft. The launch occurred on January 2nd.