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What Does It Take To Convert An Innovative Idea Into A Scalable Product?

The journey from idea to impact for an entrepreneur is a lonely path to walk on.

Growth Strategies

How To Market Technology In Digital Era

These trends will bring significant changes in the market and the product.


Is Funding Running Dry for Technology Startups?

New data survey points towards the direction that funding might be running low for tech startups


Why Naturals re-branded Yuvraj Singh-backed beauty startup Vyomo

Here is how Vyomo compelled Salon chain Naturals to invest $15million (Rs 100 crore) in its venture.


How Technology Along With Innovation is Helping Entrepreneurs Build Successful Startups

Modern world is dominated by innovative ideas and new technology, but innovation alone cannot facilitate success.


The Key To Building Indian Unicorns In Internet

More people should identify that unique internet opportunity in India.


Indian Startups that Were Providing Electrical Solutions Before Tesla Motors

For everyone that cannot afford a 23 lacs "affordable" electric car that Tesla will provide


How Giphy Became the Internet's Go-To Gif Brand

Giphy is taking on the biggest, weirdest branding challenge online today: How to become the go-to company for a new kind of internet culture.


Anand Deshpande Discusses The Scope Of Software Driven Companies

Creating new opportunities in the startup world


How This Startup Enables Young Guns to Hook Up With Their Dream Match

This startup enables young generation to find someone who is in sync with them by just a click of a button.


This Device Diagnoses a Broken Machine by Sound. Really.

This new tech troubleshoots by listening in.


WhatsApp joins 1bn dollar pool and adds new features

Joining the 1 billion revenue club, Whatsapp has added a bunch of new features. here are the highlights


What's in Budget 2016 for Technology Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Union Budget 2016-2017 has plenty of ups and a minor down for technology start-ups. Here's a digest:


Can Tech-Innovations Reshape MSME Lending In India?

Is "this time" any different from earlier attempts to reshape the financial industry?


How to make your workplace energy efficient?

Some solutions from the : Rajiv Prabhakar on how to make your business environment friendly.